Bill Cosby does the darndest things?


So we’ve all been hearing about the sexual assault allegations surrounding our beloved Bill Cosby. After admiring him as the perfect father-figure and oh-so-loving husband on one of America’s most watched sitcoms of all time “The Cosby show.” Being entertained by this funny-guy with stand up comedy and shows like “Fat Albert and the Cosby kids” and considering him a role model hosting the series “Kids say the darndest things,” it really makes you wonder if he isn’t as perfect, charming and upstanding as we’ve always thought.

Actor, comedian, author, producer, musician, activist, and RAPIST??? I’m sure many hearts were broken to hear that the man you grew up watching and loving on television could even be slightly connected to such “rumors?”

On the other hand, can these broken hearts even compare to the pain, confusion, shame, mistrust and lifelong trauma that these, now twenty (20) women – that have been reported – are saying that our Dr. Huxtable did to them as girls?

Now we know that as a celebrity your life is public knowledge and though you may try to keep it as private as possible or try to live a “normal” as possible life behind cameras, there’s always going to be someone trying to get a picture/story of you. In addition, not everything you read/see/hear about a celebrity is true. Tabloid aside, let’s give this some serious thought for a moment.

Some may argue, why would over a dozen women after decades of silence come out with these allegations?

My question is why not?

The allegations are strung together by perceptible patterns that appear and reappear with remarkable consistency.

1) All victims were very young when they met him.

2) All white. Not to mention impressionable and defenseless to a grown man.

3) They were offered drugs as palliatives

3) They tried resistance but he pursued

4) They all remained silent because they worried that no one would believe them.

Councidence? I think not. There is also intense response by Cosby’s team (attorneys & publicists) to use their power of the media and the court – a privilege that these women do not have- to attack their credibility.

Some will say well what’s their motive? There isn’t any. These women aren’t related to eachother (except now through Cosby.) Sadly, they have nothing to gain. None of these cases are presently being tried in court.
This isn’t affecting Cosby from getting any lead roles in sitcoms or comedy tours because we know these times have long gone.

To the contrary, these women lives are still being affected. They are the ones being called liars. Now that they are going public with their stories, they would have a hard time getting jobs and their personal life would now be public knowledge.

The worst part is having to relive these traumatic events to reporters and still not get the support they deserve partly because they were and still are considered “nobodies” and he was an “important somebody.”

What about right from wrong? Do we live in a world where fame trumps justice? Is it because Hollywood’s your playground, you can live above the law?

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  1. Annette Laura Borel says:

    This is serious food for thought.


  2. Chad says:

    I don’t want to cast anything in stone with this as I do not have the facts about this.
    Bill Cosby has been a very influential figure in society and if there is any truth to these allegations, trust me he will not escape the punishment; in fact, his punishment will be even more severe because of his influence in society.

    Bill Cosby acting skills were aimed at bringing the family together to laugh and enjoy what his role had to offer. I can remember my parents allowing us to stay up until 8pm only on certain nights that his show was airing…and if you were bad…well its bed time for you after the news at 7pm….of course you know who was sent to bed every night of the week at 7pm….there were very few times that I can remember lulling off in my favorite lounge leather chair in the tv room enjoying a movie after 7pm…instead I spent most of my 7-8pm in the corridor, hiding behind a wall peeping through the decorative bricks or behind the recliner silently taking in the show…sometimes blurting out in laughter, forgetting my instructions to go to bed and ending up in the middle of everyone….this resulted in a quick chase back to my room…but no one wanted to miss the show…. and keeping an eye on old Chaddy boy, meant missing the show….so actually, ban or no ban…I could have still participated in the Bill Cosby reviews at school….oh and another trick was to continually disturb my parents for something….like…”Daddy…I need some tea or water…or something fell down in my room…or some crap just to keep disturbing them until my ban was revoked….My Mother, who was usually the one responsible for me getting ban in the first place, was always the first one to cave in to my tricks…and saying…”Chad you are not fooling anyone with those tricks….all of a sudden you are afraid of the dark and need company, just sit there and don’t move”….(Chad smiles his evil smile)…Yes Mummy…

    Can you imagine that this same guy….a guy who would make a little child….a good child….an honest child…a giving child….a friendly child…a respectful child….lie to his beloved Mother and Father, committing such a heinous act?

    I don’t know what people do behind closed doors…but I can tell you this…if those girls have colluded and plotted the destruction of such a good household name…a trusted name….then the punishment for they too will also be sad. I can’t vouch for anyone in this instance but I have some facts…

    The fact is Bill Cosby made me laugh a lot…he made my family laugh a lot… he brought my family together in one room at a particular time in the day on particular days of the week, he was influential to me in many ways, he was a good actor in my opinion, he was the topic of many discussions in my primary school, his acting made us believe that his tv life was his real life…and my family loved him…but I am not certain who Bill Cosby becomes when he leaves the tv life and goes home…

    I have no other facts about the girls other than they accused Bill Cosby of rape, and they are all white.

    However, I am not certain they were all victims of anything when they were young, I am not certain that anyone including Bill Cosby offered them any drugs (illegal or not), I am not certain that they resisted any advances from anybody including Bill Cosby, I am not certain what was in their minds after the alleged acts, I am not certain that they had nothing to gain and I am not certain that they are not all connected.

    I am also not certain if there can ever be an instance where so many people, in dispersed locations, with so many things in common even race….can go through such an experience from someone they see on television on a daily basis and never tell anyone…and keep that hidden for so long… and even if they did tell someone, I am also not certain that the someone who was told the secret…would also never tell anyone….usually 1 person tells 11 people.

    I am also not certain that there can ever be an instance with so many coincidences, including exact reports on the character in question, were not connected in any way…. I am also not certain the length of time someone would keep a secret from everyone, even as an adult…and then reveal the exact same secret…especially a secret of rape.

    I am not certain the number of enemies that Bill Cosby has…and I am also not certain the lengths that they will go to just to destroy what he has built for himself as a black man in those days in America.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I can say this about me…. I care not about black or white, rich or poor, famous or not famous…but about right and wrong.

    To rape is wrong
    To concoct a false allegation about a societal treasure and attempt to destroy reputation is wrong.

    My God be the judge of that….and whoso ever curseth what God has blessed shall know his swift judgment.

    Chad – Hawaii.


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