I write pen in hand or a pencil, paper at my side, thoughts flowing through my mind.

iWrite because it’s my right.
The right to express myself
without rule or regulation, condemnation or limitation.

I write because I cant sing.
🎶 Doh, ray, me.. 🎶
See what I mean?
I mean…sometimes I cant say what I mean, so I write instead.

iWrite because writer’s block is a disease. I write because it’s not difficult. It’s not even hard,
but the world is…

I write because stationary cheaper than food, so I write for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I write with a hunger, and with a thirst.

iWrite so I wont have to regret or forget, so I write it all down.

I write because not everyone may like me. I write because they may break my heart even say I’m nobody, but you see the beauty of the mind is that no one can ever take it away from me.

iWrite because I understand me, but I don’t understand things.
No sorry, I’m beginning to understand me, as for things, I’m realizing that things can’t always be perfect and life don’t always go as planned but with experience brings wisdom and we must always let go and let God.

It’s my right.
I understand that words put on paper can create great speeches. Remember “I have a dream” ?
Oh, some of us can’t remember that far back? Well just think of one from Barack.

I write because speeches can make a difference. When was the last time yuh hear Kamla make a sober address to an audience? And she calls herself a leader? A leader!

I am a leader because I don’t follow others. Sometimes it’s good to follow the reflection in the mirror. Be careful though, some may tell you to follow your heart? But they forget to mention that it can get broken. Follow your mind? Then you begin to think twice. Follow the crowd? Hell no! Don’t do that! That’s just stupid. Follow who? Lead me? I let the Lord lead me!

iWrite because women no longer have to depend on men forever. Just now they’ll start to vote for Hilary instead of Obama.

I write because I want to be a good christian but sometimes when we speak, the hypocrite inside shows.
I wont judge you so don’t judge me.. not by this speech at least.
I write exactly what I feel.

“Why do you write so much?” they ask,
“because I want to be a writer!” Duh!
Repeat after me: FEMALE AUTHORS are the GREATEST!

iWrite because women will soon rule.

I write because my writing reflects me. I write because writing is me.

iWrite because since an infant I like to talk plenty. It started off cute but as you get older it becomes annoying to people. Instead, I write plenty!

I write because my mother made me
I was about 8lbs +oz, beautiful bouncing baby.But she didn’t make my mind. I write everything thats on my mind. Thankfully my family allowed me to be me.

iWrite because I tried sports, but ended up with an injured knee,
so I think writing is the safest thing for me.

I write because I don’t want to be ‘average’, ‘like everyone else’ or just ‘normal.’ What’s normal anyway?

Normal today means homosexual marriages. Jack and Jill.. no Jack and John went up a hill to start a family, but men in T&T cant even “mind” they’re own babies.

Normal today means crime rate reaches 300 plus, it gets higher each year. Instead of robbery or kidnappings, we have men killing babies. Why live normal?

Don’t ever settle for normal. Always think big. You should be saying “there are so many things I want to be.”

iWrite because it makes me happy. I write when I’m inspired. I write when I’m not. Most importantly, I write everyday. Twenty-six (26) letters of the alphabet makes over a million words to say.

Listen good…
Words form your thinking.
Your thoughts develop into your emotions. Your emotions, once under control, helps make decisions.
Decisions determine the way you act.
Act? Yes, actions develop into habits. Habits build character. My character, more important to me than my reputation, shapes my destiny.

I write because it’s my right.
Things I do may not always be right
but it feels right when I do this.

I write because…
I write because…

I write because it’s my right,
pen in hand or a pencil. I write about me.

Baptisted Kay-Marie Andrea Cherrish Fletcher, my favourite colour is purple, simple things in life amaze me.

I find dime lights, frozen ice cream and britsh soul music very soothing. To me laughter is the best policy, but sometimes crying is good also. Happiness to me would mean waking up in my manhattan apartment, grabbing a Starbucks coffee to start my morning, spending time at Central Park reading, being inspired by the undying hype of New York City and always putting pen to paper.

I will do great things in the future worth writing about because it’s my right to make history. Cameras are too expensive so I will write my own self portrait.

How many female authors from Trinibago have you seen on international TV? I’ll be the youngest!

I write because it’s a beautiful thing to me. An ugly person once said, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But my writing is my true beauty.

I write because I have to,
I write because I want to,
I write because I need to,
I write… cuz it feels right.

I love to write.
Stop! Hold that thought!
Ah hah! Something just hit me…

I going to write it down!

[Disclaimer: The word “write” was mentioned over 47 times in the piece. However, the blatant abuse of the word caused no serious threats or harm in the making of this piece.☺️]

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