Don’t stop Dreaming!

Happiness to me means waking up in my Manhattan apartment, having Starbucks for breakfast, going to work for a global media company, spending time alone at Central Park, visiting museums, frequently attending Broadway plays, being inspired by the daily happenings of New York City and writing novels about love and life. When I tell people my dreams they often laugh at me but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming anyway. My advice to you is don’t let it stop you either. I’ve had people say to me “you’re living in a fairy-tale bubble” or  “c’mon Kay stop dreaming and be realistic.” I am writing this to let you know, better yet, to beg you to NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING!

The reason I opted to write this now is, I was just like you. I’ve had my doubts about going for my dream job and at times it felt like everyone was right. Truth is, the people who said these things probably had someone tell them the same thing and sadly they listened.

Whether you want to get into fashion design (though you’ve never owned a designer gown) or you’re aiming to be the next man to land on the moon, I say go for it. Regret leaves a sour taste that not even failure can compare to.

I live in on an island that doesn’t have a-quarter of the media houses and opportunities in Journalism that New York City has but I am still an aspiring journalist. I’ve had this dream for many years, and though sometimes, it feels like I’m not going anyway fast and time is just passing me by, I still hold on to them.

Every morning I wake up and picture myself living the life I want, simultaneously living the life I have to live before I get there. I imagine that my home-made coffee is really Starbucks, that my drive way is 5th Ave, NY. That my lunch room at work is really my favourite restaurant to have cocktails with my girls and that Netflix is a live musical. Sounds crazy right? What may work for me, may not work for everyone, but I believe that you are what you think. I believe that you must never loose faith, that sometimes you are your only support and you must fake it until you make it. I also believe that what you may have just shook your head to and said “yes that’s crazy,” I guarantee would be the same thing I would be looking back on (when I do accomplish my goals) saying “thank God I practised when I had the chance.”

Yes, I do admit, I am a Sex & The City fan and at times my imagination get the better of me. (I really think I was Carrie Bradshaw in another life) but don’t be fooled my friend, there’s a method, a motive and a mission behind all the madness.

For you it may not be journalism or New York City, but you may be from a small state in the country-side and have goals of working and living in France. Perhaps, you’re aiming to break your family tradition of high school drop-outs and attend Harvard Law. Whatever your story may be, I understand and I say to you, go for it my friend. Don’t let anyone stop you.

It’s funny how sometimes when you think you’re giving someone else advice, you’re the one really needing it the most. I just decided to write this to encourage someone, and here I am not knowing I needed to hear this one more time. I’m certain now more than ever that I can’t stop dreaming either. So how about we do this together? Starting today, let’s “starve our doubts to death” and let nothing or no one stand in the way of getting our hearts’ desire.

College degree, dream job, travel, true love, whatever it is you were having doubts about earlier, you’re about to get it. Once you put an end to that pity party you were having and definitely stop listening to that person(s) who told you its never going to happen. Maybe you need to let them go, not everyone is meant to make it to your future. Not everyone can handle the journey.

The best advice I’ve ever received and it has stuck with me for the past twelve (12) years goes a little something like this, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve!” I really hope it helps you as much as it helped and continues to help me. Be strong, stay positive, and it’s okay to have BIG dreams. They were always meant to be that size.

One last thing before you go, when you do make it, feel free to come back and share the good news/all your accomplishments. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be someone in New York living my dreams too.

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  1. Lady Nathifa says:

    This article is really really good Kay!!!

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    1. Thankssss Nathifa 😊😊


  2. fabcaress868 says:

    JUS LOVE IT (MISS BRADSHAW)😉 #favcuz#Proudmoments#bigthings

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  3. Chad says:

    Everything great or not, starts with an idea/dream… is only if the dream/idea cultivates the passion, drive and energy in that individual to pursue that dream….and yes, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve!”

    I will begin by asking some basic questions first….Kay-Marie…What type of person are you? Are you passionate? Are you driven/motivated? What motivates you? Are you focused or easily distracted? How do you view failure?

    Moving a dream into reality requires focus, drive, motive, passion, energy with a positive view of failure…let me give you a true true true example….and I have many many…but this is a good one because it will show you the HOW….

    My second job in life, was at General Adjusters Limited. I was a motor vehicle valuations clerk, with a salary of TT$2000 a month equivalent to about TT$ 5000 a month or US$900 a month, today (This was like about 10 years ago because I didn’t start University as yet).
    That job required that I go around to car dealers and acquire the prices of the new vehicles they sold, on a monthly basis….. I remember it as if it were yesterday…

    August 6th 2004, I visited Bavarian Motors….and as I walked into the show room…the BMW 318i just simply jumped out at me and wrapped itself around my heart…. I fell in love with the car at first sight….and it felt as if the car also fell in love with me at that same moment….I picked the car and the car picked me….(no flippin joke – birds were singing, flowers were blooming, butterflies were dancing….and the great salmon migration upstream began…- it was as majestic as life in its natural form shall ever be)…-usual drama here- ….anyhow… the sales man noticed the glow in my eyes…the bounce in my step…the warmth of my skin…the skip in my heart beat…and came across with the most amazing words – “Here is the key, would you like to take it for a test drive”…. (my flipping gosh- I went mad)…. I turned him down and told him I was here on business for the prices etc…he said so what…at least you should open the car sit in it and start it up…its a beautiful car…why pass up the opportunity?…. my knees buckled, and before you knew it I was breaking every General Adjusters Limited rule in their books…I was in heaven….

    Jet black, leather seats, steptronic transmission (manual, sport & automatic transmission in one)…BMW written on every flippin thing in sight…wood grain consul and dash….my gosh, I could not help it…my lips were pressed against the steering wheel…and I started to talk to God…..”God, if this is what Heaven is like, from now on, I dedicate my life to Priesthood”….

    Amidst my prayers to the Almighty, Mr. Chan (the Devil and Sales Manager at that time), pulled open the driver side door of the car and told me….”Get out of this car immediately and give me those keys, I am calling your boss, what the hell do you think you are doing….and you Kevin, why did you let him get into this car, cant you see that he is not a customer? Look at him….he will never be able to afford this car…Do you hear me Chad, when ever you come here its to get this list, DO NOT AS MUCH AS LOOK AT ANY OF OUR CARS BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT…GOT THAT…AND I AM CALLING ANTHONY AND TELL HIM ABOUT THIS”….

    I took the list from his hand, apologised and left Bavarian Motors tried, tested and beaten….my once strong ego now folded up like a used and shaken paper towel…this man had just publicly embarrassed me…and the embarrassment was aimed below the belt…if you are a guy reading this, you would understand…guys never like to be told that they cannot afford something, it makes them fell vulnerable and less that the men that can. I felt as if Mr. Chan had pulled off my pants, pour lighter fluid on my groin…and set everything down there on fire… my manhood felt removed in a most horrific manner…

    I had taken a mighty blow to the core of my existence…and it weakened me….I kept asking myself…why d hell did I get up this morning and come to work??, I wish I could just rewind time?? I wish this and I wish that….but then it the real Chad started to come back….

    Wait a minuite….who the hell does Mr. Chan think he is to tell me that I will never own a 2004 318i BMW….wait wait wait….Mr. Chan himself doesn’t own a 318i BMW so how the hell can he be the judge of me??? wait a minuite…Mr. Chan going mad awa??…and furthermore…to hell with the Mr…is flip Channy from now on…and there the dream was cultivated…there the motivation to achieve the dream began….there the passion was developed…there the first step towards making my dream a reality…..was born.

    The Dream…”I will own that car – that exact same car that Channy said I will never ever own…that car will belong to me… In this lifetime, Chad will be the proud owner of a 2005 318i BMW…you just wait and see Channy boy…you just wait and see you little faggot”….


  4. Chad says:

    “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve!”

    There is an old saying – one to remember as well, it will guide you – it goes like this….”50 cents will make a dollar, and a dollar will make 2″….what it means is that what ever little you save, keeps adding up, eventually you will reach your goal, in other words, to fill a bucket you must start with one drop.

    I went on a massive saving spree… I saved for years and years… I started university and worked as a taxi driver for 3 years while attending University as well as continued working at General Adjusters Limited during the holidays just to make that dream come true…can you imagine that – even though my parents was giving me ample cash allowance to drink, lime, eat, have fun and do all the things that my friends were doing?….can you truly imagine the sacrifice here???

    No No No really….really Imagine that you are going to school and when your friends are off from studying and are back home liming and partying, they stop a taxi to take them home or from point A to point B…and they see that you are their cab driver…can you imagine how that would make you feel…especially being a very very very popular guy with all the girls and the leading striker in the University football arena and most liked in class…etc…and here they are, your friends/acquaintances, paying you TT3 dollars to drop them home….or better yet, imagine a girl that you are courting stops the car, jumps in and realizes that you are the cab driver…ask yourself….are you willing to sacrifice everything for your dreams, including pride and shame? can you handle a situation of embarrassment like that??? this is the drive and the motivation and the passion I am speaking about here…. because it happened to me on many occasions and I kept focused….this is the strength of character that is needed to bring a dream into reality….Some people may recognize it as Character in the moment or some may look down on you and say things behind your back…but you have to be strong and resilient to things like that… thing I do know…is that in 2009 when I rolled up at my parents home I was driving a dark green/black 2005 318i BMW with wood grain dash and consul, genuine leather seat and steptronic transmission…my dream had come true…my name was on the Certified Copy and I today was my day… September 9th 2009….this was my reward…

    I kept everything a total secret, I told no one, not even my parents, best friends, girlfriend….nobody knew I was buying a car…and nobody knew what it meant to me….can you imagine my reward when I surprised everyone….I pulled up at my home, told my mother and father that I had something to show them urgently out side…”come quick!!”…when they reached outside, I gave my father the key and said, take my mother for a drive in your only son’s car, see if she likes it…my father, usually emotion less, gave me the look that I would never forget…in his eyes, he was proud, his son was now a man…the man he had always hoped that I would become….a man of his word, a man who will lead his family with good character, a man who you can count on, a man who shall live his dreams…now all I have to do is dream great dreams…….and well my mother…although she was already ill, was already in the driver’s seat wanting to drive the car her damn self…My Dad took her around the block in style (btw, I live in a middle class neighborhood – there are no BMW’s you now truly understand the accomplishment..right…no one has those dreams where I live)…, then I took her around the same block and when we got back home…she started to cry….no one ever expected me, the wayward child and good for nothing son, to reach this far in life. I was a man, and a man who shall provide for his family.

    This is the reward you will get Kay-Marie, but it will not be easy. I urge you…enjoy that feeling at least once in your life…you wont regret it….


    What do I tell Channy boy??


  5. Chad says:

    Channyboy.. you don’t control my destiny…. I do…

    But more than that, I thank you for your contribution in my life…… made me dream and you gave me the motivation I needed to get up and go through the grease, the grime, the dirt, the embarrassment, the hard work and the pain to get something that seemed out of my reach by normal standards. I thank you for this after God, my parents and myself. You were instrumental and I hope I meet many many many more like you in this life……but more importantly…’re still a flippin faggot…lol!!

    So Kay-Marie….now you know… there will be failure….there will be pain….but there WILL be VICTORY….!!

    Thomas Edison one of the greatest inventors (over 1,000 patents in his name) was asked what made him continue working on the light bulb after failing the 9,999th time? why not stop then?….he said because he did not really fail, but discovered 9,999 ways that do not work….see his view of failure?

    Michael Jordan lost 300 games, missed 9,000 shots and missed the winning shot 26 times resulting in his team losing…this is the most failures recorded in basketball history, however he didn’t stop…he used failure to push him to do more and more….eventually he became the greatest basketballer in history….even though these statistics prove that Michael Jordan takes 2 shots to score a point…1 to fail and 1 to succeed…see his view on failure?

    I hope this guides you Kay-Marie…it seems you have soooooooo much to give…lets get it cracking…
    I can show you the HOW….I have been there and done that many many times before….

    Chad – Hawaii


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