Student Empower Literacy Freedom


Student Empower Literacy Freedom, commonly referred to as SELF, is a non-profit, service organization founded by Kay-Marie Fletcher. It is established and driven to motivate, teach and promote the importance of literacy for all in the region. It is designed to diversify literacy and educational opportunities for the youth of this generation and future generations. Our target groups are Primary and Secondary School students (ages 5 – 18) as well as children in orphanages (who do not attend school.)

This organization understands how important literacy is in today’s world. Unfortunately, illiteracy is a world-wide social problem. Literacy to all is a human right, a tool for personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. All educational opportunities depend on literacy. Today, one in every five adults are illiterate, two-thirds of which are women, while 72.1 million children are out of school and many more attend school irregularly and eventually drop-out.

It is owing to these statistical facts that S.E.L.F provides tutoring to primary school students. The management and staff at S.E.L.F believe that by getting children to appreciate reading, we can make a revolutionary discovery in their lives. We train, mentor and develop a child’s mind. They learn to read, write and communicate the English language well. This in turns promote participation and achievement in the wider world. Our programmes are voluntary and are eloquently executed through the growing support, enthusiasm and hard work of our team.

Student Empower Literacy Freedom takes into consideration all relevant content and materials necessary to carry on this programme. The programme itself must and will respond to the changing literacy needs of children and assimilate to the learner’s environment, circumstances and prior learning with respect to gender and their background. We also take appropriate tutorial steps to help others. All members of this organization understand that not every child learn in the same way and thus by using different innovative perspectives through literary instruction, we will help each child achieve their goals.

We go beyond just basic literacy. We acknowledge that literacy is directly correlated to development and improving the quality of one’s life. Thus, classes are not limited to simply reading books. We foster local writers and students with impeccable speech. The company is motivated to teach children not only what literacy can do for them but also what they can do with literacy. Literacy is an issue that concerns everyone and we are committed to raise literacy levels and standards.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), literacy is the “ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute, and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts.”

We are obligated to help solve the problem of illiteracy by sharing new ideas to students and ensuring that students interact with positive peers who can share their knowledge and experience. Our main objective is “goal-setting”.

Our service organization help students achieve an immeasurable amount of information about literacy in the world today. We also aim to include entertaining, informative, relevant, thought-provoking and student-friendly activities to help children achieve literacy freedom.

We also provide books to the less fortunate and host read-a-thons and book-drives nationwide.

This company recognizes that literacy is essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. The facts are: literate parents are more likely to send their children to school. Literate people are better able to access continuing educational opportunities and literate societies are better geared to meet pressing development challenges.

Our next step include building a student library, driven by youths to help other youths.This dream, however, can not be accomplished easily. It is only with the esteemed help of others that the small executive board of S.E.L.F can expand and achieve all of its business plans.

This organization is limit-less by guarantee, and its main objective is to help others achieve literacy freedom. Join now!

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  1. Chad says:

    Am I reading this correctly?? You are the founder of a nonprofit service organization called SELF, aimed at eradicating illiteracy? My gosh, is this true? Is this a profound statement that can stand up to legal scrutiny?

    If this is the case and you have dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s, then Kay-Marie, go back to that list we talked about before… amend you vision to state instead of a world free of crime…include…a world free of illiteracy and you are certainly on your way.

    This also ties into your journalism 100%.
    Your journals can be about success stories around the world….the rude truths about illiteracy, the exploitation that goes hand in hand with illiteracy, share the views, share concepts, and tell your story, share ideas, share experiences from your travel around the globe….. and so on and so on…

    Let me give you a little story about how an evil guy named Chad exploited the illiterate at the tender age of 9…..and of course got his backside in real real hot water with not only Mommy….but Daddy too….can you imagine that? It was so bad that this one warranted my Father stepping in to give me a double dose of a cut tail…. (I got lix in the same day from both parents…and hear this… I only got lix from my Dad a total of 5 times in my life and one of them was for attempting to set the house on fire because I was upset that my Mother placed me on a 5 day ban from leaving the house and playing with my friends)…..

    So here is the experience….but before I leave you again with one of my million and one experiences…(as usual)….let me explain why this one was sooooo bad that it needed serious attention from both parents attention….the fact was not what I did, but they could not believe that a child so young could be thinking so devious, that when I look back now, I wonder if that cut tail…really changed my thinking pattern and possibly my entire life…. coming to think of it, I really don’t think that I can handle any child that is 50% like me…it will be amazing if that child makes it to his 13th birthday….

    Anyhow, you will get the point why it’s the thinking and the deviousness of the plot that needed to be addressed…when I give you this next experience….


  2. Chad says:

    The Experience – that earned a double dose….

    Lets start with Evil Chad….

    There once was this handsome charming child named Chad who had a good eye for opportunities to expand his entrepreneurial abilities….Chad was well liked in his neighborhood and he was adored by the adults as well….He was very courteous, helpful and kind to persons on the outside of his household…and all the parents who he referred to with utmost respect (aunty this and aunty that)…loved him dearly…

    But Chad had a dark side….he spotted the weakness in people…from a very very tender age….he call this Opportunities for growth and development….but what Chad really intended to grow and develop was his sox drawer where he stored all his easy earned cash. Although Chad got ample allowance to support himself at school, Chad was not like any ordinary child…he was way to big for his shoes…he believed the more you give….the more you get….and it really played out that way….not always looking to get monetary returns on his “investment”….or so called “giving’s”…..usually it came in kindness….e.g. Hey, will someone do my homework for me before I leave school so that I can have more time with Vanessa this afternoon… I am planning to invite her to steal her young sexy mother’s underwear and bring it for the girls at my establishment for the Gentlemen’s show tomorrow”…..this was worth more than gold for me, at 2 dollars a head to enter the establishment… I had to empty my white t-shirt top draw to store that money….(ever see what 2,000 singles looks like?) Geeeeeze my appetite for new chest of drawers was beginning to out way the supply……. I needed a new chest of drawers every flippin month. (oh yeh…when my parents learned of my establishment – they both nearly killed me…. I literally nearly did not survive that cut tail…and Mom cried for a month straight…my dad burned all my hard earned cash as well..)…anyhow….moving along to the crux of the matter….

    Little Chad had a friend….not a close close friend…but someone whom he would meet and talk with on a daily basis when ever he went to the neighborhood’s mini mart… Ravi was Indra’s son, and they owned the min mart at the corner of the street…Ravi did nothing but pack the shelves and little odds and ends around the shop….but what was strange is that Ravi never ever sold.

    Chad started to observe Ravi….like how the hawk observes the rabbit….or rather how the lion observes the gazelle…. Chad had an eye for opportunity…and Chad immediately had a gut feeling that there was something wrong with that equation….why does Ravi always have to call Aunty Indra just to make a 50 cents sale?….something needs developing here….lets see how the development can go straight into my sox drawer….


  3. Chad says:

    First step in Developing the Sox drawer

    Chad to Ravi – “Hey Ravi, help me with this…you have these things on this list, its for Keish?”
    Ravi to Chad – “wait till Mammy come nah, she comin now”
    Chad to Ravi – “Why, just tell me if you have it and I will tell Keish”
    Ravi to Chad – “I cyar read dat boi Chad, I never know how to read and write”

    Then it hit me like a ton of bricks….JACKPOT…(the world slowed at that moment and my senses went bzerk, I could see the vibrations in the wings of a fly passing by, I could see the sweat rolling down the flys cheek from the efforts to move his wings up an down at 100 times each second, I could hear water dripping of a leaf from across the street…noise amplified, I developed xray vision and for the first time, I spoke in Vietnamese – a language I never even heard in my life….at that moment the idea developed………If Ravi is an idiot then in my books he is a jacka-s……and wherever there is a jacka-s…Chad will be first to ride it…..I was going to take…and take it all. (I mean, Chad wanted to help Ravi…just as any friend would help a friend in need….) I got to work….

    Starting with the baby steps….

    Chad to Ravi – “hey Ravi my friend….my good good illiterate friend…how things with you bro?”

    Ravi to Chad – “wat does illiterate friend mean Chad?”

    Chad to Ravi – its a secret word used only from a best friend to another best friend…and that’s what you and I are Ravi, best friends….so promise me…never let anyone know our secret word…especially around Indra..ok…” (of course this is to avoid that idiot going around telling people they are illiterate and Indra asking the jack where he learnt that word from)…but anyway….

    Chad to Ravi – “hey Ravi…tell me something how much does Indra give you for doing all that hard work in the mini mart partner….and when do you get that pay? it must be a lot ent bro..”

    Ravi to Chad – “I doh no….she give me a purple dollar every Friday”

    Chad to Ravi – “Ravi you lie….ah purple dollar alone? No way…not my illiterate friend…nah… you should get more than that… I don’t do any work at all and I get 20 red dollars every Monday…nah boy Ravi, I have to help you here… are my illiterate friend remember?”…(now mind you…in those days a carib was 99 cents – 20 dollars in your pocket made you a millionaire)

    Ravi to Chad – “Yuh go really help meh Chad?”

    Chad to Ravi – “Of course Ravi, I will start to help you from tomorrow….and we will seal that help for life….”

    Chad leaves his “illiterate friend” and gets to work…..he takes a bottle of ink from his little sister, a pen, a sheet of carbon and two pieces of paper…


  4. Chad says:

    The Contract:

    Chad prepares a contract to his newly found “best friend”…binding his illiterate friend for life to convert every “purple dollar” (20 dollars) he receives for his weeks labor at his Mother’s Mini Mart, into 4 red dollars (4 dollars)….then influences his friend to dip his thumb finger into the bottle of ink and press it on both papers….offer and acceptance….sealed….with no expiry date.

    Chad’s sox drawer turns into a purple gallery of fine art….all pieces valued at a million dollars each…

    It doesn’t stop there….and I feel this is where the real lix comes in…Chad’s parents could not believe that Chad would after committing such a heinous act, would find a way to improve same. Its like they never believe that a child could even think of something so greedy, clever and visionary…
    (No no really, I think…that cut a-s was greatly needed to change such a powerful mind and personality from doing soooooo much bad, to instead doing sooooo much good…)

    Eventually Chad thinks he can do more….there is a wider opportunity here that he is missing…and that is eating him away…day and night…the money is good…but he realizes now that he has to work for it…changing money into single dollar notes every minuite, walking 500 meters every week, hot sun, rain…gosh…how do I do this with less hassle….and how can I get more??….

    The idea:

    Chad to self – Why don’t you just take all the “purple dollars” in the mini mart?

    The ink, the pen, the carbon, the two pieces of paper and the Devious Contract:

    Chad to Ravi – “hey bro…what will happen to you when Indra dies and leaves you with this mini mart to sell and do all the work yourself…what will happen to you bro?”

    Ravi to Chad – “I doh know nah boi… I never think ah dat”

    Chad to Ravi – “well bro…you know I will always be here to help you….even in that God forsaken time of need….hear wat…dip your thumb finger in this ink and press it here on these two pieces of paper….and all your problems will be solved…and to top it off… I will give you 500 “red dollars” just to show how much I care…”

    Evil Chad just secured the transfer of all assets of Indra’s Mini Mart…into Chad’s open arms….oh…for 500 TT dollars… soon as Ravi takes ownership of the Mini Mart….

    Chad’s vision achieved…”if you see a Jacka-s….be the first to ride it”


  5. Chad says:

    That experience did not end very nicely when loud mouth presented the contract to someone who could read and write…(Indra)…families got caught up in that mix as well and some agreements had to be established going forward…however, they never knew about the “Chad exchange rates” … so even though I got the scolding of a lifetime…eventually the pain subsided…and my account at sox drawer got a major major boost and my vision was achieved….anyhow…

    This might just be a simple story about human exploitation through literacy, whereby a literate person utilized his advantage of being able to read and write to simply con someone who could not….
    These are the types of stories of exploitation that people do not know happens every day to the illiterate and that is the part that can auger well in your journals (people want to know what they don’t know and never would believe happens on a large scale). I encourage you to continue the SELF and grow this organization to its fullest potential with your passion for journalism engraved and intertwined in its vision.

    Maybe I am a particular type of individual, but already I am thinking along those lines and I can see what this can do to impact those statistics…but this will not be as easy a task as you think…let me say why…

    If you remove illiteracy from a society you have removed things like cheap labor, underhand deals and all other things that impact a company’s bottom line in a undeserving but very very positive manner…will these people who stand to lose sooooo much just idly sit by and allow this to happen? will they roll up their sleeves and just continue walking up the sidewalk? (e.g. imagine that every day, you are forced to purchasing something that is written in a language you cannot read or speak – how easy would it be to sell you an expired version or a version that the supplier received as a sample and got free from his supplier? is this not adding to one’s profits?)…

    No, these people will come after you…and not to pat you on the back and say great job Kay-Marie…you just cost me 100 million dollars a year…something that I should have been paying…but don’t have to pay due to low literacy rates in the country that I operate…thanks a mil Kay-Marie and let me give you a donation as well to speed up the great work you are doing….
    They will come after you with everything they’ve got….your past, your parents, your educational background….anything they can put their hands on to destroy you….

    Moral of the story is that this is a good step in the right direction after summarizing your ambitions, goals and dreams. This can motivate you to do more for the world, earn a good income, travel the globe and be the boss. The sacrifice however will be great…so I urge you here again…great job, but protect yourself as best as you can…ok.

    Chad – Hawaii

    Ps: And make sure to tell your illiterate peeps…to stay away from contracts…full stop.


  6. Chad says:

    You know what I thought about last night Kay-Marie? After I asked God over and over to forgive me for the many many many many terrible things that I have done in the past…then thanked him for curing that part of my brain that was just so evil that it sometimes made Ted Bundy seem like an altar boy….

    I asked myself what would I do if I were the founder of SELF and I was the one meeting these illiterate kids/young adults/adults for the first time……what will I say to them to motivate them to try this thing that seemed to be difficult, confusing, challenging etc…what would I do to encourage them to try their best and reassure them that this is really the easiest thing in the world and that they have the biggest advantage to master this more than any of us?…this is not something to fear…

    Then it hit me…I would talk about the “founder”….(No Kay-Marie, not the founder of SELF – don’t be sooooo full of yourself now…your word just sparked the idea lol!!)

    But the founder of Languages, the founder of reading, the founder of writing, the founder of vocabulary, the founder of the alphabet, the founder of Literacy….

    I would ask you, who was the first person who created the alphabet or vocabulary or language…or Literacy? Who was responsible for the birth of the first word, sentence, paragraph that was written and read and re read by others? Who was the founder and teacher of the principles that created all magnificent languages? Who was responsible for manufacturing a line that separated society into two groups – the literate and the illiterate? Who was that person who separated man from beast? Who was that extremely intelligent person?

    Do you know of whom I speak of Kay-Marie?

    Well….. I just mentioned every single child, young adult, adult that SELF touches…these are the person that comprise that magnificent person….how come?

    Because the person who did all those powerful world changing, society changing, species changing things that now forms the foundation of our existence….was an illiterate.

    An illiterate person created literacy, the dictionary, the alphabet, the language, reading, writing, words and all that defines a literate person.

    You can choose to take that with you if you wish as a tool to get the audience even more motivated to beat illiteracy if you think it will make sense mentioning. It was just a thought…

    Chad – Hawaii


  7. Chad says:

    And Btw…. I am very very proud of you here….and you have my full support.

    If ever you are considering expanding this to others, please don’t overlook me as I would love nothing better than being apart of this great initiative.

    Plus it would make me feel better for all the sinister money I made off of Ravi…


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