Define yourself

At age eleven, my first year in high school a girl called me eccentric. Back then I didn’t fully understand the meaning of the word. I felt offended and was hesitant to speak to her again.

Fast forward to August 2014, age twenty-three, while in the kitchen talking to my dad one Saturday morning he said to me “I really think you’re mix with a bit of eccentricism.” I laughed because I understood better now and said “yes daddy I know.”

Oh and that girl from school, twelve years later, she’s my bestfriend.

Moral of the story:
Life is a funny thing.
Don’t let things said change you
You define yourself ❤

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  1. Chad says:

    Wowwwwwww…..another reason to admire you Kay Marie…your life was soooo different to mine.

    You actually remembered what someone told you when you were 11…. for me to remember what someone told me at that age….trust me…it would have to be traumatic… I don’t think someone calling me eccentric is a traumatic experience in my book at all at all at all…in fact, the primary school I went, possibly the teachers didn’t know the meaning of that word…

    you know, coming to think of it…for the love of God, I really don’t know how come I was allowed to go to a co-ed, mediocre primary school, when all my other family went to the #1 catholic primary schools….my mom always said that I would work out better in a co-ed low grade school…and you know, they took the gamble and I actually did…. I was one of the 5 persons in the entire school that passed for a prestige high school…woooowww I never thought of it like that…she said sending me to an all boys school would lead to disaster…its better they have problems involving girls rather than other problems involving gangs etc….my leadership skills were too strong for my age…people followed me naturally and she was convinced that I would form a gang that focused on bad rather than good….but the girls will cool me down… Sold by my father…I went to Mon-Repos RC school, I was too intelligent for the children and got skipped twice, at 91/2 I was already writing exams to leave Primary school and unfortunately I passed for an all boys catholic school….but the most popular for the ladies…St. Benedicts College.

    So Kay-Marie, my life was just too crazy to even worry about a person calling me eccentric…in fact I don’t even think I knew what it would have meant in primary school lol!!..

    In primary school, I was smart and most popular with the teachers/principal (in a terrible way)…and with the girls (in a magical and eventually financially beneficial way)… the age of 8 I was already an entrepreneur making money to buy just what ever the heck I wanted…all the ladies loved me and I was the primary share holder of an entertainment club for boys called “The Panty Show”…I dare not elaborate here…

    Trust me, I had no time to remember anyone who called me anything other than “Top Dog”…

    So again….hats off to you…and I do enjoy reading how life is like when you are on the other side of the fence where eccentric has a meaning in Primary school…lol!!

    Chad – Hawaii


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