“Yuh know Granny…”

I wish that I could hold you now
I wish that I could touch you now
I wish that I could talk to you
Be with you somehow
I know you’re in a better place
Even though I can’t see your face
I know you’re smiling down on me
Saying everything’s okay
I’ll see you again someday ❤

Monica Gibson – 06/05/40 – 03/12/10

My grandmother was a special woman that needed no special introduction. Just say the words “yuh know Granny” and everyone would automatically understand. A proud to be from St. James lady, a hard worker, a mother, a sister, a neighbour, a friend, baby sitter, a doctor, historian, disciplinarian, designer, weather woman, teacher, pan lover, cook, house keeper, a true conversationist, a woman of God, a queen – everything my grandmother exemplified and so much more. She lived a true life of testimony, being with us for some three scores and ten. It is without a doubt in my mind that throughout my grandmother’s life she has both been blessed and been a blessing. Blessed with the strength and favor of God to not only birth but rare over ten children, seventeen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren while alive, as well be a blessing to so much more people that I can count.

With tears in my eyes I put pen to paper, as death is something we can never truly understand. Nor is it something that we get over easily. However, though she is no longer with us physically, Granny was truly the nicest person I’ve ever met and I’m thankful and happy that she was able to touch my life in such a big way.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't dedicate a blog post to her. I'm glad that in my short time of knowing her (twenty years) I was able to learn so much and also tell her about my goals/dreams (especially becoming a writer/journalist) and I know she'll be proud to see me working toward them. Granny I dedicate all my writing to you.

I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say that Granny taught me how to pray, prayed for me, found a scripture verse that could relate to exactly what I was going through at the time, gave me words of encouragement, motivation and comfort. Granny made no fret where sharing and giving was concerned. Rich, not in wealth, but in love and kindness, my grandmother always had some food and government juice for us all.

A neighbour in every sense of the word, Granny, every morning at 6 am, would religiously lean at her window sill, after praying and singing “when you wake up into the morning thank you Jesus, when you wake up in the morning praise the Lord”, she would say good morning and give well wishes for the day to everyone that passed. She was always concerned about school, work, home, kids, how you’re coping with the weather, always know what new flu it had going around and was never unprepared to hold you in deep conversation about of how times have changed.

She was famous for archiving everything. My granny had newspaper clippings dating back before most of us were born. This, to her, was sentimental, and she kept record of everything so that she could pass down to others (especially her grand children to use for School projects.) Passing down to others, yes that is how she touched us all. A woman blessed with wisdom, wisdom which she shared with all of us through her stories. Granny always had a good story to tell, because my granny loved to talk. Some may say she “talk too much” but that’s just how she was, just trying to express herself, communicate, maintain relationships and touch our hearts. Maybe that's where I got it from? This talkative gene.

My granny judged no one. She would treat the men who collected her garbage and the President the same way. She always said “no man is an island” and she never raised us to think that we were better or higher than our neighbours. I love my granny and if it’s one thing I am certain of is that she loved me too. I am also certain that she loved you too, because she was blessed with a big and beautiful heart.

Granny enjoyed knitting and crocheting with wool. I am sure that many of us have a swan or a doll or something of the sort that was made by my granny. I am sure that there’s an image of her in your mind sitting in her gallery, studiously trying to figure out her crossword puzzle. These are the things that no one can take away from us. So hold to that conversation about "way back when she was however young," when she used to wear what – "that is long time fashion that come back around because I used to have one of those too"; or how she was related to or knows someone with the same surname as yours. Hold on to that conversation you had with her about the pan tune Desperadoes played that she loved so much or a time where you may have shared your own stories with her. Remember when you told her what you dreamt and she told you what it meant or what you were feeling to eat and asked her how to cook it. Not forgetting when you had to call her to ask how to spell a word, or what it meant. Don't forget when you bought her a gift or walked into her house and instantly felt at home. Ahh these are the memories that I will forever hold on to.

I'll always remember that she never liked to see her bed untidy, she believed orange peel tea was the cure for everything, 7p.m meant silence news is on and that she preached about forgiveness. She did the best job she knew how to take care her loved ones and as I continue to grow, I will never forget her teachings. I will always remember her words, “Kay-Marie respect yourself, be a lady, respect others, boys and books don’t mix, remember to pray and always forgive”. Granny I love you now and forever and I could just imagine you right now, talking and talking and talking non stop and Jesus trying to get one word in to say “Monica, just one second, let me answer a prayer”.

This life we live is temporary. She was not a human being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a human experience. I am proud to call her my grandmother, Ms. Monica, Ms. Rock, granny – she answered to all. To my family, there is a little part of granny in us all, that's the best part. She is no longer on earth but that means she no longer has any worries, aches, pains, or sorrow. She is the happiest Granny I can ever imagine now.

I wish that I could hold you now
I wish that I could touch you now
I wish that I could talk to you
Be with you somehow
I know you're in a better place
Even though I can't see your face
I know you're smiling down on me
Saying everything's okay
I'll see you again someday ❤

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  1. Chad says:

    You touched my heart here Kay-Marie….and you said it all – Honor thy Grandmother – I wont say much here as this is an emotional topic for me as well simply because I am an only Grandson and my Grandmothers gave me more love than a person deserves.

    I lost one, and I hold on to the other with dear life. She is my every every everything…so reading these words and sharing in your experiences brought back memories….Granny was my thrump card and last line of defense…

    when I was small, I was a handful of problems for my parents…I gave soooo much trouble that some of the time, especially in the evening time, my mother just did not have the time or energy to cut my a– (give me lix)…so she booked the cut tail (lix) for some other convenient time, but before booking it, she would tell me why I have to get the lix and when…Ha…Chad is much smarter than that…and so what Chad would usually do is defer the lix until we have to go pick up Daddy and get fresh bread….
    In the car after picking up Daddy, Mummy would be busy giving Daddy the run of the day and the million and one things that his only son did that needed correcting through corporal punishment…the girls were always good, so while Daddy is busy shaking his head from side to side…and ever so often turning and saying to me…”You actually did that Chad? – I would lie of course – no Daddy of course I didn’t start a project to rebuild the brand new dining room table using paper glue and scotch tape while Mummy was taking a nap”…but wait a minuite….oh Crap, he will see the remains of the teak table in the garage when we get home because Mummy deliberately left it there for him to see….crap crap crap…(voice in head – Play your thrump card now Chad…play your thrump card now)…..”Arm……Daddy, I forgot to tell you all that Granny called today and she wanted to see you tonight before you go home, lets pass by her to pick up bread nah…after all, she does own a bakery remember?” – and of course, I hit a weak spot…my father is a Mama’s boy…so granny here we come…

    I land by Granny…she gets excited to see her only only Grandson…and starts to pack his snack box – coconut tart, currents rolls, sausage rolls, cheese pies and beef pies – these were my favorites and a nice coconut bake for me alone…(yummy)…anyhow… Chad eyes doesn’t light up, he just stands there holding Granny’s hand with the saddest face you will ever see on an 8 year old…that just sends Granny insane – why is my Grandson unhappy Chad Daddy? What did you all do to him?…and so it begins…

    Granny Talking – Chad baby..lets go for ice-cream in the mall and talk a bit…(eating ice cream) what happened baby?…
    Chad Talking – I don’t want to go home Granny….I want to come with you and Grandpa
    Granny Talking – I would love that baby, but tell me what has you so sad?
    Chad Talking – well I wanted to build a better table for Mummy and Daddy and the glue mash up the table. Mummy tell Daddy that I have to get lix when we get home later and Daddy say ok. (Chad head is down on the table now – almost in tears)

    Granny Storming back with Chad’s hands in hers – Chad’s Daddy approached by his red faced mother –
    Granny speaking – this child was trying to do something good for you and that is how you reward him? with lix? – Chad baby, if anyone lays a hand on you when you get home, you tell Granny right…you are not be scolded either…ok baby…now lets have a coconut tart..mwah Granny loves you very much..

    Chad has now been promoted to king of the household…no one can touch him or even boof him for the week. And, weekend, he has just secured a date with his lovely Grandmother at her house…all weekend long…

    Granny – is the defender of my universe.

    Chad – Hawaii


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