I am a woman


Phenomenal woman 

That’s me. 

It’s only fitting that on March 8th – International Woman’s day- my blog topic be centred around those who we wish to run this world – yes (girls) more importantly WOMEN!

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose social network feeds (e.g. instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc) have been flooded with quotes and pictures and statuses empowering women. Seeing this all day made me start to wonder what kind of woman do I want to be. At age twenty-four counting down to my quarter century, I started asking myself: Am I close or very far from becoming that woman? Do people see me as this type of woman already? And do I have these kinds of women as friends?

  • What Type of Woman Do I Want To Be?

I want to be a hard working, strong, independent WOMAN. I want to be innovative. I want to come up with new creative ideas that can change the world or at least the world I would want my daughter to live in (no I don’t have any kids as yet but I would like to have three boys and a girl. – and clearly a personal live-in fitness coach because can you imagine a woman’s body after four kids?)

I want to pursue my passions – yes plural – passions. I want to be a “Jane of all trades.”  I want to make something come to life, build a brand, while motivating others in the process.

  • Do People See You As This Type of Woman Already?

I think if I have to be described now, words like “child” instead of woman, “spoilt” instead of hard-working or even “pretty” instead of mature would be used. This is the sad reality but it also what I want to change. “Emotional” too, how can I forget emotional. Many people would describe me as an emotional girl but not yet a woman *cues in Britney Spears – I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”.

Well that’s over. I prefer to be called responsible, hard working, intelligent, creative, diverse, rare, one of a kind, one who makes smart decisions, independent, successful, self-sufficient, and a POWERHOUSE… thus starts my own self development.

I prefer to be taken seriously instead of taken for granted or underestimated. I would like to not just be known for a blah blah mouth with unattainable goals and fairytale-like dreams but to be able to accomplish them all and so much more.

In one word, I want to be a BOSS.

I am working on becoming a woman who has control over her emotions and not let feelings cloud my judgement and decisions in life. A woman who is dependent on no man – lets not get that twisted though- an independent woman does not have to be a lonely woman. I am going learn from my mother’s, friends’, grandmother’s, aunts’, and cousins’ mistakes and not make them where relationships are concerned. I am going to be a woman who has a companion because I’m in love with him but not because I need him. I am going to work hard and earn my credibility and success in the world of work to make up for being known as spoilt for last twenty-four years of my life – trust me it gets old and annoying. I am going to be a virtuous woman who prides herself in being a good woman in a world full of bad bitches – yes I saw that meme somewhere online so what?!

I am going to work damn hard so that I won’t feel bad for being high maintenance and spending a lot of money on material things or myself. I am going to be outspoken because I have ideas to share from all the books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched and people I’ve interacted with. I am going to try this thing called self love because of all the unrequited phases I’ve had in the past. I am going to be a woman of essence. I am going to rock.

I am not going to feel bad because I cry while reading romance novels or because I prefer to travel the world before I get married and have kids. I am going to be a woman who catches frequent flights instead of feelings.

I am going to be pray myself into a phenomenal woman because that’s the type of women I want as friends as well. Women who inspire each other instead of being jealous or talking bad about others. Women who together form a sisterhood – yes I’ve loved the idea of having a sisterhood since before the movie “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” was created. I am going to be a mighty woman of God because only he knows his purpose in life for me. From this day forward I have no time to stalk another female’s IG page – you’re lying if you deny doing it too.. because all girls do it, and talk about what she has on or who she’s with now because I’ll be too busy becoming the woman I want to be. A daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a mother, an aunt, a caretaker, a lover, a cook, a wanderer, a hard worker, an inspiration, a success story, a queen!

To you all you females reading this, whether you aspire to become a Christy Walton (richest woman in the world), an Olivia Pope, an Anastasia Steele, a Michelle Obama, a J.K Rowlings, an Oprah, A Beyonce, a Madonna, a Marilyn Monroe, a Joan of Arc, a Queen Elizabeth, a Princess Diana, a Harriet Tubman, an Eleanor Roosevelt, a Mother Theresa, a Jane Austen, a Barbara Walters, a Coretta Scott King, a Rosa Parks, a Janelle Penny Commissiong, or a Kamla Persad-Bissessar, you’re aren’t too late to start becoming her.

Happy International Women’s day to all of us!

This is dedicated to all the WOMEN who inspire me DAILY: My mummy, Shamillia, Isabelle, Nicole, Cheryl-Ann and even those who don’t know that they do… Samantha John, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Alex Elle and Nia (Chris Brown’s alleged baby mother – you’re the real MVP!)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chad says:

    Happy International Women’s day to all Women.

    So Kay, you’re a Pretty Spoilt Child….very good to know this…and what the hell is so wrong with that btw??

    ok…lets see…

    You wanna change the world right? what about it do you want to change? and what are your first steps? who is handling what, and when? I am curious to know…maybe write about it first…its ok to be general…don’t have to get into the details of your master plan, but maybe we can add a few tips….

    And you want to get married

    And you wanna have 3 boys and 1 girl….Wowwww!!! well I hope all the boys are shame full, because trust me, 3 of me will require 6 of you..lol!!

    And you wanna be the Boss….hmmmm, exactly what does that mean to you? being the boss?

    And you wanna be independent, but not alone…

    And you wanna travel the world…before having kids and getting married?

    And you don’t want to make any mistakes with relationships? What does that mean to you?

    And you want to be a woman of God

    And you want to be emotionless..

    And you want to be fit as a fiddle….

    And you want to be a “Jane of all trades”

    And you want to innovative, hard working and strong.

    And you want to run this world….

    and you want to…….

    Are you seeing the picture here? I will comment…..


  2. Chad says:

    My comments:

    As a tip to you. It seems that you want to do many many things, some things are overlapping and some things go hand in hand. My advice to you here is to find a starting point, then let that drive/motivate you to pursue the other things…Pick the top three priority things on that “AND” list and get cracking….it may start with an overlapping or a compliment type goal…let me give and example….

    I want to be a God fearing woman with values and virtues aligned to his teachings, married with 4 children and living in a world free of crime….

    so here are the priority list…and I will show you how the list will expand to everything you listed below…this is just an over view…so let begin at the big picture…

    1 – you start your list with God fearing woman – check…
    2 – now that your have accomplished that, you align with God fearing people – check (strong women and men that are now your friends, just as you mentioned above)…check
    3 – you marry one of these people – check
    4 – you have 4 children – check (may be 3 boys – filled with shame I hope and 1 girl)
    5 – you begin aligning with associations/foundations around the world that share the same vision to prevent crime/educate etc. resulting in trips to various countries – check (travel the globe & begin the journey to change the world)
    6 – you chose to travel alone or share with family – check (travel alone – if you want)
    7 – you work hard in that capacity – check (hard working, responsible woman etc)
    8 – your work is recognized globally – check (you are now know not as a pretty spoilt child – respected in a different way)
    9 – you start climbing the ladder/write your own books etc – check (you lead, touch lives positively, work for the people, grow minds..etc – you’re the “Boss”)
    10 – you earn income from proceeds of the book sales + association – check (independent)
    11 – you hire an in house instructor or plan your time well for exercise routines, eat healthy etc – check (maintain a healthy, fit body)
    12 – your knowledge base grows and you detect weakness etc and make recommendations to treat with them – check (innovative woman)
    13 – you begin searching for more solutions ways to solve the crime situation as it relates to each region etc. you branch off into other things either related to the after (e.g. – forensic pathology etc- solving after a crime has taken place) or the before (e.g. – psychology etc – assessing the likelihood to commit a crime) – check “the Jane of all trades”….

    See how it comes together now?

    That’s my tip to you – Happy International Women’s day!!!



  3. Chad says:

    oh…one other thing….

    no one can tell what mistakes may occur where relationships are concerned, you may just have to chose well when picking that lucky guy…but don’t do like me when I was 14 and waiting on a maxi taxi to go to school…

    Every maxi taxi that passed my way I said…”nah, that’s not good enough, its too small”….
    “nah..that not good enough, its too big”…”nah, that’s not good enough, its too loud”….”nah, that’s not good enough, its to quiet”…”nah, that’s not good enough..this and that”….

    eventually all the maxi taxi’s stopped passing and I was late like hell for school. I was so happy to see one bumbling up the street that I just stopped it and got in….it was the worst flippin ride ever…hot, slow, quiet, old, uncomfortable and the driver was most quarrelsome…and I think if I remember well, the door kept flying open randomly…so add unsafe to that list…

    Moral of the story, don’t be too picky because you might just settle for the next maxi that comes you way…if one comes.

    Chad – from Hawaii


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