Do you remember that game we used to play as kids where the goal/intention was to predict one’s future. For the past two decades though I could have sworn the name of the game was “Life”. Apparently its called MASH (thanks Google for making me question everything about my childhood now lol)

To jog your memory, its a paper-and-pencil game where one person draws a swirl until the other player yells STOP! You then count the lines the swirl made (I really prefer to call it a circle) and that was now YOUR number. (Eg. 5) The game had four categories – who you marry, how many kids you would have, your social status and my all time favourite, where you’d like to live in the future. Each category would in this case have five options. [Disclaimer: this is not written in stone, you may have had different categories or rules to your game.]

So much for childhood dreams, if all went as planned, I’d be a millionaire married to some guy name Chad with two kids living in Hawaii by now. Ha!

What I did take away from the game, however, was my list of places to live or more so visit in my lifetime. Growing up in the 90s, I didn’t discover the word yet but I think I’ve always wanted to be a Wanderlust.

Yes Wanderlust (n): An irresistible, strong and innate desire to travel and discover the world.

Here are some of the places I plan to visit in my near future.



While I’m there The National Museum of Scotland and Castles in Edinburgh are definitely at the top of my list.


new zealand

Fun fact: The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Naria and The hobbit movies were all filmed in New Zealand. Personally, I would love to visit the location where one of my favourite series was filmed: SPARTACUS



Now its France we’re talking about what’s not to love: The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Love padlocks are all on the list of places to see.



1. Because I wanna drive along the sunset strip with my roof top off with my best friend like Thelma and Louise and shout Mama I made it!

2. I also have to be there to witness when my love Chris Brown gets his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.



Because its too good not to visit a second time… if you’ve been there before you’ll understand.



Because if exploring a vineyard in Tuscany doesn’t sound perfect to you then I don’t know what will… Then again its Italy – everywhere is a perfect destination -there’s Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pompeii etc Actually lets just skip everywhere else and go live in Italy 😍



I dream of dancing bare feet in the streets of Barcelona with a glass of wine experiencing the local festivals and visiting the Cathedral of Granada and having my breath taken away.



Because sometimes you don’t have to go far to find beautiful places – we have some treasures right in the Caribbean.



The Great Wall of China is on my bucket list. Isn’t it on yours?



I would personally like to experience a Wednesday night service at Lakewood Church by Pastor John Gray (then visit a range while I’m at it and have a hoe down throw down at a friendly bar.)


turks and caicos

Paradise #1 (yes I still love my homeland)



Paradise #2



This is one of the places I’d like to spend not just a few days on vacation. I’d like to experience living here for a while. Visiting the Globe Theatre is definitely on my bucket list – Shakespeare holds a special place in my heart.



One of my goals is to own a lake house in Vermont – where I’d like to have my annual family vacation.

I could go on and on… but you get the idea… A girl has a lot of places on her wish life. It isn’t 1998 anymore and this isn’t a pencil-and-paper game however, I do hope to land on ALL of these countries and visit them in my future.

Now tell me, where do you wanna go? Do we have any similar places on your wish list?

Let’s not forget

Kayreads 📚

BOOK 2: THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

Have a good read and let me know what you think?

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  1. Reblogged this on Mind of Shamillia and commented:
    Dreams make us set our path. Dreams remind us that imagination and wonder make us who we are meant to be. Dreams give us goals for a wonderful future. I love this post! I so loved that game.


  2. My list is not as awesomely detailed as yours and you do capture most of my desires. Mine goes something like this:
    Africa (to visit a Safari)
    Ukraine (specifically to visit Chersonesus)
    China (the Great Wall & Huanglong)
    Bora Bora

    Seems I’ve got some serious wanderlust budding 😀


  3. Chad says:

    I have a pencil
    I have some paper
    I can draw free hand circles,
    I can afford a home in Hawaii
    I will be a millionaire
    I can have a boy and girl
    and well…


  4. Chad says:

    I can change my name….
    look carefully…. I just did.


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