Girl Reporter

girl reporter

I remember her… She was only fourteen (14), naive, curious, passionate, optimistic, enthusiastic and competitive especially when it came to Literature.

Anxiously she sat awaiting Ms. Todd to hand-out the English Lit test papers. Then she came across this poem. Instead of rushing to finish on time or leave before everyone else, it was as though she froze in time. Yes she’s “always in her own world/bubble” even during important exams. (Because when you’re in Form 3 the most important exams of your life are your final end of term exams before you enter Upper School. Ha! Oh how I miss those days when the most difficult decision you had to make was choosing subjects. Bishop Anstey East will forever be engraved in my heart.)

She read the stanzas again and again and got lost as she envisioned herself as the girl sitting in the bar. How would it feel to have a story in the offing? To call the news desk first when something happens? To have my lethal pencil always at the ready? These are the questions she asked herself.

Fact is her fiction. Sitting in a bar

Raincoat still on….”

Of course instead of a raincoat, it would be a Vivienne Westood original – Talik Wool-Blend Tweed Belted Coat (worn by Olivia Pope) to be exact. [C’mon Olivia Pope jackets are the]

Life is material for her creation…

Errors of fact are part of her prose style.”

Everything around me has now become material. I first thought I needed to be perfect, not face trials and had this lucid vision of how things should be. Then life happened and instead of crying I now have to laugh at myself because of course things don’t go as planned. Who wants a perfect life anyway? Each setback, hiccup and mistake of fact will make for a better story.

Now, at twenty-four (24) I’ve found that girl again. Her dream of becoming a girl reporter, now an author, journalist, editor, producer and the list goes on…To some it may seem as though she wants too many things at once (may it be true) she plans on focusing one goal at a time. She may have lost sight of who she was and where she was heading without anyone knowing but she will bounce back, because that enthusiastic, curious, and competitive girl is still me and I am her. And if you’re feeling lost, so can you.

if you have a dream, no matter how silly it may sound to someone else, you have to make a decision to go after it. There will be delay and difficulty along the way but these things only builds character. I used to believe that I should keep it all to myself and don’t tell anyone (in case I don’t succeed.) But when you have goals and a true passion for something it’ll be too much to keep inside. I believe you should make it public and announce it to other people. Don’t be afraid. Just by telling others, you’re making a statement of faith. You never know if someone else could be encouraged by your story (which is the aim of this blog) and be inspired to continue along their journey too.

First you visualize it, then you verbalize it.

It’s not about being a show-off or putting all your business out there. Trust me, if it were, you won’t be hearing from me. Instead, it’s about speaking things into existence. Once you’ve announced it, you become accountable and accountability is everything. Now, you’ve set a standard even for yourself and you must see it to its completion.

Time and time again, you’ll hear me say “I am going to be a New York Times Best selling Author, a journalist, a producer – an overall media extraordinaire.” It’s not because I want to bore you to death with repetition but I’m using this channel to tell others about my dreams. It’s what got this blog started in the first place. The moment I started dreaming, I hoped that others would want to get in on it as well.

I want you to feel inspired to tell me about your goals and how you plan on achieving them all. And when you do, oh I promise you, it would be LIBERATING. (This morning I did something out of the ordinary – and was asked the question “Don’t you feel liberated?”) I hope your answer can be YES too! Try it, you have nothing to lose.

Because of your declaration of faith, you can step out of that comfort zone and start accomplishing things you never thought was possible!

If that young naive girl can dream it and do it, I’m sure you can too.

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  1. Reblogged this on Mind of Shamillia and commented:
    Speak things into existence. Make your life path not just a dream but a real and present reality. Kay 💗. All things are possible with the glory, grace and favour of our Almight God through Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


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