Said I had a close one yesterday

Jah put an angel over me

On Sunday 4th October 2015 (a day that will haunt me for the rest of my life) at approximately 4:55am I was involved in a vehicular accident with one of my closest male friends. We’ve been friends since school days. If I could tell you exactly how it happened I’d be lying since we both fell asleep on the way home. Actually, I was so close to home, that I’m still in disbelief. If you saw the aftermath of the vehicle, which is almost unrecognizable you’d be in shock as well. How did they survive? That’s the question.
The car is totally written off. Well what do you expect after running off the road, crashing into several street poles, being caught on fire and cut open by the fire services. Passerby’s who saw the vehicle thought it was a fatal accident. From the looks of it there’s no way they survived. Oh but we did! How? Now that is the question.
I wondered as my mind kept replaying the accident like a repeat button thats been stuck each time I closed my eyes. I wondered as I looked back at the pictures. I wondered as the sound of each loud blow (whether its the door, window, fan, or cup falling in the kitchen sink) scared me. I wondered and wondered how we managed to survive and then I got my answer. I survived because my God has a greater purpose for my life.
How is it that after leaving the comfort of my home and going out to partake in secular activities such as drinking and clubbing (which I haven’t done in years but to the multitude may not seem like such a bad thing- after all what’s wrong with celebrating your birthday right? Wrong) How is it that after doing things that are not always pleasing to the Lord, he still comes through for us? Well he definitely came through for me. Even after I enjoyed myself to the fullest without a thought of God, he still decided to cover me with his blood and allow me to survive that crash.
My friend (the driver) suffered injures to both feet yet I was able to walk away from the vehicle without any broken bones. I did suffer a major blow to the chest and head from the impact of the airbag and four days later am still discovering bruises about my body. However, I’m alive and still in awe of God’s awesome wonder.
I could spend time talking about how in a traumatic and life and death situation such as this, I didn’t panic and was able to think fast and try my best to get us out of the vehicle that was on fire. I could tap myself on the back for my quick-thinking (trying to use my shoe heel to break the glass after being locked in.) How even though the airbag (that saves lives but leaves you with black and blue eyes) was stifling me and how the seatbelt (always wear your seatbelt) had me pinned in. I doubt I’ll be able to put into words though, how much of a struggle it was to break free yet somehow I ruffled through it all and thanks to a Good Samaritan (who happened to be driving by after 5am on Cleaver main road) saw us and came to the rescue. It wasn’t until he broke open the back door that I was able to crawl out (it’s a good thing I learnt to arch my back while doing barbell bench press) but it still doesn’t add up.
Truth be told, I can not give myself any credit for what only God did that morning.
I survived for many different reasons.
I survived because his plans are greater than the plans I’ve written down for myself.
I survived because I have fairytales to turn into realities!
I survived because there are kids with literacy issues in need of my help!
I survived because you have books to read written by Kay-Marie Fletcher!
I survived because I have to spread the gospel!
I survived because my life has now begun at 25!

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  1. Reneece Francis says:

    #teamGod #teamKay I love you hun and blessed be God that both of you are ok.


  2. Lady Nathifa says:

    Beautiful testimony! #Godisgood Those books are long overdue… I wish you a speedy physical and emotional recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. God is great. God has plans for your good always. God stretches forth His mighty arm to preserve the life of His creation.

    I love you and I’m overjoyed that you’ve used this experience to gain even more spiritual strength.


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