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Dear Readers,

I’ve been away from this blog for so long that it feels less like a continuation and more so like something new. It’s 2:25am on February 1st and I’ve finally, FINALLY just put my procrastination to rest and decided to give it a go!

A lottttttttt has changed since my last post in 2015 and truth be told, I really didn’t want to create an entirely new blog when I already had this domain name and readership subscribed. Instead, I opted for a facelift. It’s 2018 after all, so I figured what better time than now to usher in a new season, with new goals… and why not a new face too!

But, what does one do after taking such a long hiatus? Do I review all that was written before while trying to remember what other topics (there were so many at the time) that I planned on discussing and pen those? Or just start anew?

I can admit now, when I first started this blog, I was an enthusiastic yet naive “wanna-be” writer. I called myself a “writer” but how many hours was I really investing in my own craft? I often spent more time helping others with their writing than I did my own.

More importantly, how much undivided attention was I giving to everything else (work, relationships with family and friends, social media, etc.) than the one thing I claimed to love so much? Well, I had to take a very long pause in answering this question – trying to be as brutally honest with myself as possible – and realized that the answer WASN’T ENOUGH.

Four years ago when I first started this, I was fresh out of university with a degree in Psychology, though, even before I crossed the stage to collect my certificate, I knew I was not going to continue in that field. My passion was and continues to be writing. I knew I wanted to become an expert in all things journalism/media, publishing, communications and literacy. I knew that keeping journals and diaries and even writing in a post card made me happier than people did. Yet, life took its toll and I found myself at a front desk of a company I had no plans on staying at forever, looking like the perfect 9-5 model worker. Once again, neglecting my true purpose. However, this blog was my little way of getting back to my true self; what I loved to do; what I secretly dreamt of daily while living the life I had to at the time. Back then I was a writer at heart but nothing more.

Well, one day I woke up and just decided to change. I took a sabbatical just to write. I left jobs, friends, countries, and every other thing that occupied my time and decided to fully submerge myself in my writing. It took years of studying my craft, gaining professional experience, reading, writing, procrastinating, writing even more, crying, traveling and writing again to reach to where I am today.

And now I’m back. Renewed, experienced and ready to show this blog the love it truly deserves.

I said all of that to say, it’s never too late to follow your passion. I gave everything up to do just that and despite all the hurdles along the way, taking a leap of faith to follow my dreams is something I’ll never regret.

My name is Kay-Marie Fletcher and I no longer just “wanna be” a writer.

I am.

To my old readers, who actually read this entire monologue because you were interested in what I have to say, I thank you.

To those that are new… Welcome!

My aim is to use this platform to show you all sides of Kay.

Kay-Marie the journalist

Kay-Marie the author

Kay-Marie the entrepreneur

Kay-Marie the advocate

Kay-Marie the globe trotter

Kay-Marie the blogger

My prayer is that no matter the genre or topic, my words will prove to be thought provoking, inspiring and most importantly a blessing to anyone who reads it.


Are you ready?

Are you ready for it?


Head over to http://www.kaymariefletcherwrites.wordpress.com to check out the new space & Stay Tuned for more!


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