8 Tips For Living Your Best Life

Since last year I’ve copied the habit of going to my window every morning. I do this right after I say my prayers at my bedside, to take in all God’s glory and thank Him just a bit longer before I start my day. It’s a ritual I witnessed my grandmother do every morning as a kid and as you all know (and if you don’t know, now you know ), I hold all things Granny very dear to my heart.

I’ve often seen different things and experienced different seasons (sometimes it’s snowing, sometimes it’s sunny) as I’ve spent time in different homes throughout the last few years. But one thing I’ve come to enjoy watching – besides the beauty of the sun as it rises; the changing of the sky’s hues as morning comes; and the glistening of snowflakes down my windowsill on the coldest of days – is the way my neighbor spends time with her plants.

At first I didn’t notice. Then, I figured ‘it’s just an old lady watering her plants’, nothing special there. Then, I realized she did the same thing everyday without fail. Sometimes, even when it rained, she watered her plants. (Like, why lady?) She does this for hours. She waters, uproots, plucks, washes, sweeps, polishes everything around her garden. And as the season changes, her flowers bloom. And it got me to thinking, who’s cultivating your garden?

Now I have to admit, I don’t even know plant lady’s name (shame on me). Her home is a street away from mine. But because of where my bedroom (in the back) is located, I can see directly into her garden from this height. We’re not close enough to exchange hellos unless I drive over to her, and she may not even know who I am. But, little does she know how much she has influenced me already. And even more so, she probably has no clue that her simple hobby of ‘‘gardening’’ is the perfect model for living your best life.

Let’s break it down for a second:

  • She wakes up early every morning. START EARLY.
  • She takes no days off. BE CONSISTENT.
  • She waters her plants even when it rains. DO IT YOURSELF even when it feels unnecessary or when you can source it elsewhere.
  • She also plucks, polishes, and sweeps around the garden. BE CREATIVE when cultivating. There’s no one way to life.
  • From my view, her garden looks fine. Yet daily, in tending to her garden she finds and uproots any faded or wilted flowers. Things may look perfect to others, but everyday you have a chance to UPROOT (old habits, persons, places & emotions that hinder your growth) in order to make space for new blessings.
  • Some days it really looks redundant to me, but she enjoys it. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK. FIND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.
  • Sometimes I even wonder if she has kids. Or, why can’t her husband help her? She’s not the youngest chick on the block and I see her sweating while she does this. IT’S NOT GOING TO BE EASY BUT IT’S GOING TO BE WORTH IT WHEN YOU DO IT YOURSELF.
  • There’s even another old lady – directly opposite her– who also enjoys gardening. I’ve seen them chatting from time to time. This lady wakes up a little later than us, but her yard is much bigger. Yet it doesn’t take away from plant lady’s garden one bit. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING (They will have more than you; could be faster, richer; more popular) BUT THEY WILL NEVER BE YOU.

WOW. All of that, just from some plants? Sheesh!

Yup! These eight (8) tips have now become my new favorite guide to living my best life. And guess what? It can become yours too.

I don’t even have plants in my yard Kay. How does this apply to me?

Let’s replace “neighbor” with “I” and see how this fits into your life. If you’re paying attention, you should realize by now, that this has nothing to do with gardening at all. Instead, the simple truth is this…


And personal growth needs one main ingredient: YOU.

You need to start being intentional. Intentional about the way you treat yourself. Intentional about the way you allow others to treat you (a reflection of the way you treat yourself.) Intentional about the goals you’ve set or the lack there of and intentional about your future.

Ask yourself, “would future *insert your name here* be grateful or benefit from my present actions and decisions?” If you have to think about this for too long, then the answer is No.

So, in order to turn your NO into a YES and begin living your best life, how about we be intentional together?

Hey there, new accountability buddy 

We can start by following these simple gardening steps. There’s only one side effect of this though. When you intentionally follow these steps, like my neighbor’s garden, your blessings are sure to bloom. Get ready!


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  1. Thank you for this pick me up! Simple and true! May the Lord strengthen us such that we always put our best into everything we do! Amen ❤

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  2. Izzy says:

    I totally love this !

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