I will not shut up!

For a while I believed the myth that we shouldn’t tell others about our dreams. We should simply keep it to ourselves. This was mainly due to the fact that whenever I told others about my goals and my dreams they would tell me “that’s never going to happen.” And so I decided to:

Move in silence.

Remain low-key.

Let my actions speak for themselves.

And though this all seemed like ‘cool’ advice at the time and it does indeed all boil down to our actions, what I’ve come to realize is that it is even more important to use our voices to speak our dreams into being than it is to just work in silence.

You see the minute you realize that there is power in the spoken word, and the importance of being accountable and intentional about your words (and mirrored actions) then your dreams will begin to manifest. However, shutting up will only silence those dreams.

And so today’s post isn’t about doing something. Rather, it’s all about not doing something. Today’s blog tip is: DO NOT SHUT UP!


If like me, you have to dream, then my advice today is DO NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

If you have an idea that seems very farfetched but it’s been on your mind for years, then do not shut up about it unless you’ve given it a try. Inventors are born everyday.

If there’s a business that you’ve always wanted to start, don’t shut up about it. There’s enough room for all entrepreneurs to succeed.

If you have a story within you then don’t shut up about it until you’ve written that book. The spaces on the bookshelves are endless.

If you’ve always felt passionate about supporting a cause, then don’t shut up about it. The world needs more advocates.

Think about it for a moment, we already spend so much time venting and talking about our fears, why not begin giving a voice to our dreams?

obama difference

I know, I know, it seem as though I’m always writing about the same things. I’m always trying to preach the same message. The fact of the matter is this, I believe we all go through things in life in order to somehow share aspects of them with others so that we can all connect, relate to, understand, motivate, encourage, uplift and inspire.

I believe that I wasn’t just meant to experience the struggles I’ve been through for the sake of just struggling. No. There is purpose in all of my trials. I also don’t believe that I was meant to walk this path God has set before me for my selfish gain. Instead, I was born to walk through this particular door of destiny so that I can open the floodgates and hold that gate open for others who would have otherwise been unable to go through life and accomplish certain things.

In other words, my gifts aren’t for me. I wasn’t born to be a writer just to become famous and spend all my money on vacations, work out gear and Chris Brown concert tickets (I mean, perfection right?) However, my purpose is much bigger than my wants.

So, forgive me if I’m always posting about following your dreams, having a passion, or overcoming trials because these are the things that make me who I am. It’s what made me resilient. It’s what makes my battle scars memorable. It’s what fuels my desire to succeed. And I will continue to write about everything that God instructs me to until all those who feel alone, voiceless, unmotivated, or simply don’t like to read change their mindset and become who they were meant to be in this life. In other words I will not shut up and neither should you!

One of the most powerful things I’ve trained myself to do is to speak things into existence.

speak it into existence

Speaking up and speaking out doesn’t mean that someone is going to steal your idea. Neither does it mean that because others don’t support your goals that you should shut up.

Instead, what speaking out has done is allowed me to be accountable for the things I say and wish to do.

dreams can come true

Repeat after me: I will not shut up! I will choose and use my words to be a catalyst for my dreams!

In my case, I will continue to write. I will continue to add content to my blog. I will keep sharing my blog posts on all of your social media platforms (even after you’ve gotten fed up of seeing it). I will continue to find a way to ask you about your ambitions and share mine with you in every conversation we have. I will continue to surround myself with inspiration – whether it’s vision boards, trips, mood boards, affirmations, positive quotes, I will tweet about writing, help others with their writing, ignore your calls because I’m writing. And even cancel plans to hang out because I have a book to finish write. I will not stop pushing toward the dream. Within you, are many dreams, and now is the time to stop stifling them and start speaking them into being too.

I will continue to promote self-care, highlight the importance of seeking God to find your purpose and continue to speak my mind. These are my ways of living intentionally. These are my methods of becoming a better version of myself. This platform is my version of holding up a placard that says ME TOO! You cannot grab me by the pussy! My Life Matters! I am a dreamer! I am not just a woman, I am your equal! I am enough! I will not be discouraged. I will not quit. I will never settle. And while you think of ways you can voice your own placard and dreams, I’ll write one just for you – because you too deserve a voice – and it will say DO NOT SHUT UP!!!

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  1. wingedtrish says:

    Hi! I really like how you say that we’re always giving voice to our worries and fears, so why not give voice to something more positive? Thinking about it like that makes it feel like an easier thing to do! Thank you for sharing!


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