What do you get when you mix a Russian and a Trini millennial?


Well, you’re about to find out.

This blog was never intended for a limited audience and my dream has always been to have my words & messages spread across the globe. Along this journey as a writer I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing like-minded people but no one compares to my fellow author, poet, CCO of Semper Capital and my dearest friend Anastasia Goroshkova. Her talent is beyond words and as such I am extremely excited to announce that this blog is extending its arms to welcome her!!!!

This is not just a blog to share my personal ideas and essays. Rather, it was created to be a virtual safe space & international network for people of all races, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds to use our words to unite and bring about change.

Anastasia and I may come from two completely different backgrounds but when our worlds and words collide we make magic!

So, what do you get when you mix a Russian and a Trini millennial? Two badass writers, now bloggers, with one common goal in mind: WORLD DOMINATION! **insert Pinky & the brain soundtrack here**

In other words, you get two starving writers determined to succeed and change the world, one word at a time.

Anastasia Goroshkova          Kay-Marie Fletcher                                                               Born: 1990                                   Born: 1990                                                                               Made in Russia                           Trinbagonian                                                                            Writes from Toronto                Writing in NJ.

anastasia pic blog                    kaymarie pic blog

Anastasia: I am originally from Ekaterinburg – the opposite side of the globe from Kay-Marie Fletcher. I have deep historical roots with Russia, it’s people and literature, and I consider myself a global citizen. Currently, I’m living in Toronto and I’m the CCO of Semper8 Capital, an advisory and investment firm. I spearhead our work with a broad international network of thought leaders in all spheres of human progress.

Kay-Marie: I grew up in paradise, camouflaged as the Caribbean, on the tiny, twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a Caribbean journalist, author and blogger. My country has a rich culture of unique Calypso music. We are founders of the Steel Pan; not to mention the sweetest of Caribbean delicacies you’ll ever taste. I grew up surrounded by Coconut Trees, sea breeze and the dancing sunshine of lush tropical rainforests, with only two seasons, Dry and Rainy. However, I’m pretty sure that neither the slave ship, which landed in my region centuries ago nor my European colonizers passed near Russia.

Anastasia: I grew up with one season – winter. I remember the snow in May, and the few warm weeks in “summer” when we wore a light sweater. My country has a population of 144.1 million people – and the climate varies greatly depending – from the -60 in Oymyakon, Siberia to the semi-tropical Sochi (Weren’t the 2014 Olympics cool?!)

Kay-Marie: However, my two little islands combine to only give you 1.3 million people.

As you may have realized by now, we couldn’t be any more DIFFERENT. However, two years ago, at God’s ordained time, we were able to meet on common ground – the New York Pitch Conference. To your surprise, and even ours, we discovered that we have way more in common than what meets the eye.

In her early-to-mid twenties, Anastasia has already written two literary fictions, and almost stayed in Paris before deciding to conquer New York. Simultaneously, this island gyal with big city dreams aims to conquer the world of Non-Fiction.

We have also pitched our manuscripts to top publishing companies such as HarperCollins Publishers, Simon & Schuster, and Grove Atlantic – where our books are now expected for potential publication. (If you’re a literary agent, don’t hesitate to say hi – we’ll say hi back right away!)

Together, Anastasia and I have decided to combine our friendship, talent and diverse backgrounds to create a media platform that strictly advances literacy, equal opportunity and human rights – to name a few. On each of our blogs, we will speak up for the underdogs, the dreamers, and all those who feel rejected, because we’ve been labeled as all of the above.

In addition to all my personal essays, my blog now links you to Anastasia’s website.       http://www.averejects.com  Andddd if you enjoy my writing, I guarantee you’d love hers as much (if not more lol).

So, whether it’s Russian politics, Caribbean slangs, the cutthroat fight of getting published, or random philosophy at 4 am in the morning – we both aim to stay informative, impactful and progressive with our words. Also, authentic like sweet Caribbean flavor and brutally honest in our opinions like the Russian winter, we’ll be writing on every topic you can think of, that affect us all daily.

To my Caribbean people (and EVERYONE ELSE) please show her all the warmth and love of the islands by doing one thing right now: go visit http://www.averejects.com and SUBSCRIBE!  SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!

But that’s not all! My blog posts will also be shared on Anastasia’s website & translated into RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!! 

To my new international readers – Heyyyy!   Or should I say Privet! (Yes I’ve already begun my Russian lessons.)

To my loyal readers, stay tuned for more surprises! Eeeeeeep!

READ MORE AT: http://www.kaymariefletcherwrites.com


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