A gentle reminder…

I struggled with a topic for today’s post for various reasons. I guess I’ve been dealing with a lot lately, and though my brave smile masks the difficulties that each week presents, whether it’s getting into life and death situations or domestic or financial dilemmas, my one refuge has always been my writing. And so today, this post may be more selfish than anything else, as I sometimes need to remind myself that though all roads often seem to lead to disaster, or after all else fails, I too do have a purpose to fulfill. Today I remind myself why I write.

What do you need to remind yourself today?

According to one of my favorite poets Maya Angelou, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”. This is one of the main reasons I decided to live my life through the pen. And along my journey as a writer, what I’ve discovered is that we’re never ever truly alone in our struggles. In fact, everyone’s story (including yours) has a rightful place in this world. Some of us are just blessed with the skill of telling it.

And so I’ve made up my mind to be an artist of the word that would use my voice to tell stories that would help others along their journey of struggles too. As such, I choose to pen topics that are often swept under the carpet, considered taboo but affect us all.

Today I remind myself when I felt betrayed by friends. I had my writing.

When my temple felt forced upon. I had my writing.

When I thought my life was about to end in the accident. I had my writing.

When there was no guide to deal with the grief that consumed me. I had my writing.

When my bills amounted to more than my accomplishments, I had my writing.

And because of this I know that my writing is my purpose.

On this blog and my books, you would realize I write about death and grief, incest, poverty, religion, paternal absenteeism, self-love, low self-esteem, body shaming, disappointment, illiteracy, having a purpose and overcoming obstacles.

For some it may seem a bit ‘heavy’ but I know that there is someone out who needs that support and if my only way of reaching out to them is via the written word then I’m willing to be as transparent as possible to relate to them on that level.

It is my hope that my words do give a voice to those that deal with such issues by sharing words of encouragement and that by using my experiences to show  that there is a way to overcome these tribulations, it would indeed help.

Today I remind myself that I write to become the person I wish I had when I go through my lonely roads.

My advice to you: If you don’t have the support, then become that support for someone else.

Another reason I decided to become a writer was because I felt unrepresented on the shelves and in mainstream media. As an avid reader and bibliophile, I often turned to books for solace and joy and though it brought me just that, what my books lacked to provide for me was a familiar face.

In other words, the books I read told the stories of people I wanted to be but never looked liked. Thus, as an afro-Caribbean, I decided to write from the first-person point-of-view, because I know that there are so many people out there, especially women who want to be able to pick up a book and read a story they can relate to because the person looks just like them and even better, have been through similar situations too.

As such, I remind myself that as a young, black, Christian, West-Indian female, I too can inspire others – especially those who look just like me, and are from smaller nations like me, that they too can have a voice – that reaches the world, and more importantly, can achieve any goal in life.

My advice to you: It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, you too can achieve any goal in life.

For many years I too questioned God, “What am I good at Lord?”

“What is my talent?”

When I discovered that I too had a skill, I knew that I needed to use it to write a better future.

What about your skills?

If you’ve also questioned God about your talents and purpose, then you’re on the right track.

I can assure you that you must receive an answer and when you do find out your true purpose, there’s nothing that can hold you back in life.

More than just that, once you accept the fact that your purpose should be used to bring glory to God – and not about making money or gaining fame – then your purpose will allow you to walk into more blessings than you can ever imagine.

And for those that do not believe me, I dare you to seek God and ask Him to reveal your true purpose to you.

It doesn’t matter if others think that this blog is too ‘churchy’ or boring for them, I know that this purpose is bigger than you or me and as such I remind myself that my writing comes and should always be used to bring glory to God.

My advice to you: Begin to use your skills, calling and passion to bring God glory and watch your life change for the better.

Whether you dance, teach, sing, cook, work at a factory, do I.T, or you’re in medical school. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. Once you begin to trust that your purpose is bigger than earning a pay cheque and that God has placed you there for a reason, you will begin to see transformation.

You see writing is more than just putting together some words for me. It is not a hobby or a day job. It is my life. Many won’t understand, but those who do, do. Writing has always been my journey to self-discovery, healing, finding God and finding purpose. And I believe once you find what your purpose is in life, and then you too will find yourself.

Like I said before, today is all about reminders.

A reminder that despite the fact that your current day job – which pays the bills – has kept you back from your real dream job, and though it seems that years have passed you by, it’s still yours for the taking.

Today is a reminder that though your relationship problems has consumed all of your time, and its hard to even recognize the person in the mirror anymore, the real you, the best version of yourself is still there waiting for you to walk into your fullest potential. It’s never too late.

Today is a reminder that though you’ve faced way too many rejections to count in life, after the 100th NO, there’s still one YES that God has for you. Never give up.

Today is a reminder that though you may be reading this from a dark place (physically at a hospital, in need of healing or mentally in a state of depression) that God works in mysterious and miraculous ways, and this may just be the sign you’ve been starving for. Today may be hard, but tomorrow can be the start of a new season for you. Keep the faith.

And for those who actually read all the way to the bottom (thank you from the bottom of my heart) so here’s a special reminder for you. You are worthy. Feelings of suicide are not unique to you. We’ve all been there at some point or the other. But it’s also a feeling that will cause you to abort your purpose and we can’t allow that to happen. There are far greater things (than your problems) for you to achieve, so giving up now is not the answer. Sticking it out, and trusting God to take you through what you’re currently going through will only make you stronger.

Today I remind you and myself that before writing today’s post I struggled for various reasons. I guess I’ve been dealing with a lot lately, and though my brave smile masks the difficulties that each week presents, whether it’s getting into life and death situations or domestic or financial dilemmas, my one refuge has always been my writing. Today I urge you to find your refuge and never let go.


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