Could you believe we’re already halfway through 2018? July 1st marks the beginning of the second half of this year. Yup! 182 days have flown by already. But where does the time go? More importantly, how are those New Year’s Resolutions and goals of yours going?

I get it. Time flies. Shit Life happens. You don’t believe in New Years Resolutions anymore (until next year that is…)

 But, if you think about it, that’s the cycle of life right? Time waits on no one, and things don’t always go the way we plan for it (or if you’re anything like me, nothing EVER goes the way it’s planned). But, should we allow that to stop us?

Today’s post is not going to be a long one. Rather, we’re getting straight to the point. Today, in the middle of the year, I’ll like to shed some light on the importance of a JUMPSTART.

Imagine you’re excited to drive a new vehicle and you’ve planned out all the adventures you’re about to go on. You’ve even told all your friends that they can be in for a ride. However, a few months in, your battery goes dead. This was definitely not something you planned for.

What do you do?

Do you just give up on your vehicle?

Do you park it up, never to return?

Do you stop believing that you’re capable of driving at all because one thing didn’t work out?

Of course not.

So, why then do we park up our dreams or altogether stop believing in ourselves when our plans don’t work out?

Here you are at the start of the 7th month of this year, wondering how in the world you ended up here? How did so much time pass, yet you’re feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing? Here you are stressing yourself over the things that you have no control over anyway. Here you are feeling shut down. My advice to you is, give yourself a jumpstart.

You see I’m the type of person that looks forward to firsts. I get excited for the first of a new week, a new month and of course to the New Year. In fact New Year’s Resolutions have always been my thing. My reason for this is because there’s just something that excites me when I think of beginnings. There’s newness, a spirit of hope and faith that limitless possibilities exist at the start of something. [I’m actually also that person that’s going to wait until it’s exactly on the hour before I begin to study or start an assignment. If even 10minutes have gone by, I’ll wait until the next hour before I begin. But clearly there’s something wrong with me, so that’s another story lol].

However, over the years, I’ve learnt that the possibilities lies not in the start of a new day, but in my ability to believe that I have what it takes to start again.

Think about it, the reason why you even thought about giving your vehicle a jumpstart was because you knew all was not lost. You believed that the battery could work again and with just some help (from someone else who perfectly lines up to you – your morals, dreams, etc.) you can be on your way. The value of your car never depleted.

Now, how about we begin to apply this same mindset to our goals? So what, things were a bit crazy (or A LOT) this year. The year isn’t over. The desires of your heart should not be put aside, nor should you give up. The value of your dreams has not been depleted. There is a seed planted within you just needing a shock, and a shot to be fulfilled.


At the end of each month, I do a month-in-review. This is where I take a list of all of the things I’ve accomplished or not for the month. While reviewing, I’ve realized that indeed a lot of been achieved for the mid-year. But, more than just that, I came to the understanding that some goals may need more of my attention before the year is out if I intend to achieve all that I set out at the start of 2018.

Like asking for a jumpstart, your goals may even require some assistance to be accomplished. How about seeking the help from the greatest source ever. Today I encourage you to get lined up with God. Imagine life like jumper cables, needing to be lined up – your battery connected to the same sides (+ & – ) as the other vehicle’s – God can realign you and get you back on the right track. Sometimes we share our goals with the wrong people then wonder why we aren’t motivated or cheered up. However, God will have you up and running in no time. I guarantee He’s the best mechanic you’ll ever meet. He’s a problem solver that comes free at charge. And His results are second to none.

Truth is, we’re not always going to have it all figured out. Asking God to show you where you’ve gone wrong (Yes a lot of times we cause our pains and problems, so stop blaming our dilemmas on others and work on yourself) will help guide you right back to your dreams.

Other times, we may not even get a warning when things are about to go crazy. Maybe you didn’t notice the battery light on your car or maybe you’ve been ignoring it trying to speed your way through in order to reach your destination. Maybe you’ve been speeding through problems at work – ignoring things hoping they go away. Or speeding through your relationship – sweeping issues under the rug, hoping it’ll disappear. Maybe you’ve always seen the warning signs but convinced yourself that if you ignored them, you won’t shut down. Today I say to you, it’s better to deal with your problems now before they wreck you although.

I know I began today’s blog post speaking about firsts. Mentioning that there is hope in beginning again. But if nothing at all, I’d like you to know that in order to begin again, you must accept what has already happened. Acknowledge that you’ve messed up or that the timeline you’ve set has not gone as planned. But don’t stop there. Know that you already have everything within you to keep driving. Whether the jumpstart comes from external sources – do not be afraid to ask for help; learn new skills; research new topics; ask more questions; or form a closer relationship with God or internally by figuring out and prioritizing what matters most to you, whatever you decide, just JUMPSTART TODAY.


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