PROCRASTINAT…. I’ll finish write the title later.

This has been something that I’ve been guilty of for as long as I can remember. And, I’ve got a pretty good feeling that you may also be intimately familiar or know someone who has with this topic. Today’s blog post focuses on PROCRASTINATION.

Last week we merely touched on the topic (Check out: ‘You Already Know’ for another good read when you’re finished here). However, this week we’re going all the way in! Ironically, today’s blog post is a bit late because…well… clearly it still affects me.

procrastination gif 3

Now, it’s been said time and time again that procrastination is the thief of time.

Haven’t we all heard this before?


By definition, to procrastinate means “the action of delaying or postponing something.”

But, what exactly causes us to procrastinate?

I told myself that I’d spend some time doing ample research on this before writing a paper, but, I never got around to it. [See what I did there?]

In all seriousness, haven’t you been guilty of this too?

How many times have you said “I’ll start tomorrow?”

“I’ll do it later”

“I’m going to try that… not now, but I’ll try it I promise.”

procrastination gif 2

As an expert crammer (with over a decade academic experience) I never saw procrastination as a problem. Not because I did not do it, but because all I ever knew was how to work well under pressure. And by pressure I mean, cram at least 16 chapters of work 8 hours before an exam because I spent the entire semester procrastinating. Luckily, it always worked out.

However, the older I got, the more I realized that procrastination follows you throughout your entire life, if you don’t deal with it early on – with life threatening repercussions too.

And now I’m left to wonder, how many things have we all been delaying in our lives?

How many dreams, goals, and even gifts have we hindered or prolonged from happening or accomplishing?

How many times have you promised yourself that you’re going to save this month? Then it became next month, and seven years later, it’s still the next month?

How about starting the gym?

Eating right?

 Taking a vacation?

Opening a business?

Writing a book?

Starting school?

Going on a date?

Finishing a project?

If the answer to any or all of these are – I promised to do it later, then you suffer from procrastination as well.

Ironically, we then ask ourselves and God ‘Why is this taking so long?’ or ‘Why have I not achieved this and that yet?’ and the truth behind it is, we’re the ones delaying ourselves. We have become our own enemies.

Much of this can be blamed on laziness, or you’ve had issues seeing so far ahead, that you can only focus on something when it’s closer to the date. However, a lot of our delayed actions have to do with fear.

For some of us, we want something so badly that the very intent is so rigid, uncompromising and fierce that we can barely move out of fear of losing control or not achieving it.

A lot of times, we have so many ideas, but we’re prolonging even beginning because it appears to be so difficult to achieve, and many of us can’t see the finished project.

Some of us are quick to start but slow to finish. And other times, we have so much to accomplish, that we get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all. A lot of people are guilty of longing for something so wildly to the point of immobility.

procrastination 4

On the flip side, excess confidence can beget procrastination too. We often think that the task is so simple, that it can be put aside for another time or that you’re so sure within yourself that you’re going to achieve it, you see no need to get to it right away. This can be very dangerous (because it does not appear as though it’s procrastination but it is).

No matter which of these you may fall under, we all have one thing in common, we’re delaying our greatness.

Today, I urge you to take a look or rather make a list of all the things you’ve convinced yourself you’ll ‘do later’ and I’m pretty sure you’ll see half of your life’s goals postponed.

So how about we end this vicious cycle today.  How about our tomorrow’s begin NOW.

Before I end, I must share that while listening to a TedTalk recently, an organizational psychologist – to my surprise – said ‘people who procrastinate wisely can actually get ahead.’.

WHAT? After all the things I just said about procrastination, here he comes to with this.

But the reason behind him saying that was ‘because they take some time to seek solutions and ask questions.’

And I realize that’s so true.

So don’t get me wrong, to you readers who have been guilty of procrastinating because you really need time to actually plan ahead ((many creatives and/or entrepreneurs would experience this)) I say kudos to you! Sometimes we really just need the inspiration to hit! I get it!

However, what he neglected to point out or rather to explain to the crowd – so they wouldn’t think this behavior is the right way to do things – is that this form of delay is  actually called preparation.

And there’s a thin but very defined line between procrastination and preparation.

And my reason for mentioning this is because a lot of times we think that this form of procrastinating is okay.

However, the difference is and what I want you to gain from today’s post if nothing else is that these people – after taking the necessary time to plan, gain understanding, research, form ideas, etc – then proceed to put things in motion.

So if you’ve been guilty of putting things off up until this very moment, I am here to say it’s okay. BUT from this moment onward let’s begin to PROCEED.

Let’s take that list out again – the ones with all the I’ll get to it later’ written all over it and start to proceed.

There’s no time like the present and if you’re waiting on the perfect time to begin, it will never come.

Procrastination is not your friend. It is an illusion that makes us believe we have all the time in the world.

Whether it’s procrastinating starting a paper for school, beginning our fitness journey, opening a business or simply calling a loved one to say hello – procrastinating will cause you to NEVER DO IT AT ALL.

Enough of that.

Today is the day to begin, proceed, make a move, put things in motion, start and most importantly FINISH!

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to encourage you, then this is it. Your word for this week is: PROCEED! Don’t allow fear, anxiety or even a timeline hold you back any longer.

Remember the only thing standing in your way of greatness is YOU


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