Climbing The Pyramid

Today’s blog post isn’t going to be a long or deep one. Rather, today we’re giving you a challenge.

A Challenge? Brr?


As we enter into a new week, we’re challenging you to do one thing – it doesn’t matter how big or small this ‘thing’ may be – the goal is to ensure that this thing brings you one step closer to achieving your dream!

Sounds crazy?

Well, the philosophy behind it is simple really. Week after week, either on this blog or elsewhere, we come across persons talking about having big dreams.

think big, dream big concept on blackboard

We are encouraged to write them down and think positive thoughts.

Think Big! Dream Big!

Sometimes, we may even come very close to being persuaded to go after them as well.

But, it stops there.

When we close this page or the motivating conversations end, we head right back to our reality – may it be an ordinary desk job (that we hate); a relationship full of tears or households full of drama.

We go back to our debts being high and our burdens not being resolved.

Then, we wonder why things aren’t changing.

Why aren’t we achieving our dreams?

Well, my question to you is this…

How does one climb a pyramid?

The answer: One step at a time.

Today’s blog post is therefore entitled: Climbing the pyramid.

The aim of today’s blog:  To get you started!

pic 3

Start by thinking of what your goals actually are… and be specific with it.

Then, start thinking, “What are the practical steps we need to take to achieve these goals?” 

Now, for the fun part – before the week is over, let’s do our future selves a favor by committing to at least ONE of these steps.




Instead of complaining about your boss being overbearing. This week I challenge you to update your CV then send it out to one new prospective employer. All it takes is ONE resume/email sent.

Before the week is over, I challenge you to have a conversation with the person you seem to be having problems with and try to get to the root of the problem. It may take a while, but your healing can start with just ONE CONVERSATION.

I challenge you to write two sentences (or maybe a paragraph) down that you’ll absolutely love to see published in that book you’ve always dreamt about. Every best seller started with ONE PARAGRAPH.

If you’re presently in your final year and you have a thesis to complete, instead of complaining, how about you dedicate two uninterrupted hours each night this week to writing your paper.

If you’re an athlete (or aspiring) and you have an upcoming show, where your desire is to comfortably lift three times your body weight, then I encourage you to increase the amount of days you would usually go to the gym. Your challenge this week would  be to increase your weights – even if it is by 5-10lbs – and work on your form in order to get to where you want to be.

What about that area in your work that’s been giving you some trouble, how about challenging yourself to do some research this week.

In order to finetune your skills, you can begin to study that specific area that’s been challenging you in the workplace.

Now I know you may be thinking that dedicating time to read a book or watch some videos on a particular topic won’t help you solve the problem you’ve been having for weeks, but how about giving it a try?

To the natural eye, this may seem simple or ineffective but I promise you this one small step can take you closer to achieving your dream – in this case – making your daily duties at work simpler/being better at your job.

To the parents that may be having some trouble communicating or understanding their teens (I know, I know.. you were once young – but times have changed and so have your kids) so how about challenging yourself to take a walk in their shoes this week.

Take 15 minutes out of your day and find out what goes on in their lives – without being intrusive – the aim is to see things from their points of view and learn more about your ever evolving child. One simple conversation – that can happen over a video game or allowing them to put their aux cord in the radio or watch a show they like then break the ice into the bigger topics can surely save you years of broken relationships.

On the other end, if we want to be really brave this week, how about picking up that phone (not sliding into one’s DMs. Don’t do that) and calling someone to check up on them or even ask them out on a date. Trust me, all it’s going to take is one brave move to get the ball rolling.

And, let’s not forget about that dream car! I know you can’t afford it right now (Heck, neither can I) But how about choosing a small amount (even if it’s $10) and putting it aside and calling that your new dream car account. Then, begin to commit to putting that same amount each week, until you’re able to double it in the upcoming months. You may not be able to see it now, but this simple step – which requires little sacrifice – can help you get up the ladder as well.

Catch the drift yet?

It matters not how big or small this step may be… the aim is to get started.

The dream may be difficult but there are always ways we can work – sometimes smarter than harder – to achieve it.

You’re not alone in this either. I’m challenging myself as well.

In fact, this may seem a bit crazy but today I ironed and prepped a full outfit that (by faith) I plan to wear to my upcoming audition. An audition that I have yet been scheduled to attend. (I told you it was crazy!)

However, I believe that this small step of preparation will take me one step closer to achieving a huge dream of mine.

And since I’ve already done this one, I’m going to challenge myself to another step before the week is out. (Something a lot less cuckoo I promise lol)

You see, God has a long history of asking people to step out in faith without fully knowing where they are going. In fact, it seems rare that God ever lays out the whole plan at the beginning of anything. And that my friends is usually where the problems lie within us.

Because we don’t know how things will turn out (and often filled with the fear of rejection or failure)  we tend to abandon the dream altogether. However, I believe by taking one simple step at a time, we can and will achieve that thing which God has already worked out in our favor.

We need to remember though, that faith without works is dead. And so we aren’t going to accomplish anything by simply dreaming it or even believing God for it.

We need to get up and put in the work.

And I know the work is going to be hard and often times long.

But, in order to get to the top of the pyramid, we’re going to have to start with one simple step.

What’s your step going to be this week?


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