Dead Weight

Have you ever packed for a trip? I mean like really pack, with the aim of being as light as possible and folded all of your belongings to the best of your ability so that everything fits only to arrive at the airport and be told that you’re over weight. Not just overweight, but that you’re not allowed to fly UNLESS you remove the excess weight from your luggage?

Me too!


What about a hike? Have any of you adventurous souls been hiking before or a few times so you know what to take and not to take with you? You know that if you are carrying any load it best be light reason being the longer and higher you go, the heavier everything you’re carrying will seem?


Or, what about lifting weights at the gym? Have you ever picked up a 10lb dumbbell – which appears very light at the start – but after about 20 reps your arms begin to pain you? Again, the reason for this is because the longer you hold weight – even if it seems harmless at the start – the heavier the burden becomes?


Now, if you’ve answered YES to any of the three questions then today’s blog post was written specifically for YOU. You see, today, we’ll be discussing the issue of DEAD WEIGHT.

YES Deadweight.

Today, I ask the question, how much deadweight are you presently carrying in life?

Take a minute before you give yourself an answer.

You see, so often we want to succeed. We want to elevate, whether it’s being promoted at our jobs, purchasing a bigger house or newer car. We may desire elevation in our relationships – we desperately want to move to the next level with our partner (though they can’t seem to take a hint) or we want to move on and start fresh in other areas of our lives, yet we can’t seem to figure out what’s holding us back.

We read blogs and other writings like this and we get motivated. We’re working harder than we’ve ever done before to move to the next level of our lives, and up until today we were praying about that thing we desire most, yet for some reason or the other we haven’t reaped the benefits of our labour.

Well, today I’m here to tell you that just like on a plane, a hike or at the gym, in order for any of us to accelerate to the next level, we’re going to have to get rid of the weight we’ve been holding on to – for far too long – in our lives.

Many of us have been holding on to stagnant relationships calling it loyalty when in fact it’s Self-Sabotage.

Many of us have been holding on to things people have said over our lives. We’ve even become so focused on all the bad things said that we’ve lost sight of the goal altogether.

 And some of us may also be holding on to unforgiveness, a lie that we can’t seem to get out of and many failed plans.

Not forgetting bad company disguised as day one friends. Many of us are currently holding on to friends who rather see us clubbing than climbing (that success ladder) and rather see us drunk than driven (toward our goals). Is that your deadweight today?

We secretly hold on to all of these things without realizing that these are the reasons that’s been keeping us back.

Like the weight not allowed in our baggage before we board, today’s blog post challenges us to look inside and all around and figure out what or who exactly we’re carrying that we really need to leave behind.

Ask yourself what are the things that you’ve been holding on to that’s been holding you back from ascending to the place where God has for you?

What are the things that seemed light at the start – you know the little issues that we either sweep under the carpet or think with time it’ll work itself out – not realizing that weight plus time equals problems.

I know you have big plans and you’re doing the best you can with what you have to get there, but sometimes it’s not what you can do, it’s what you can do without. It’s time to let go of your dead weight – if you want to go faster.

I want you to know that God already knows your end before you even begin imagining or dreaming big and so He has given you the strength and skill to achieve all that you desire, that I’m not worried about. But, not everyone will be willing to accelerate to that next level with you so it’s totally up to you to pack accordingly.

Do not allow unforgiveness (especially for things that you’ve gotten over and already lived through) to stop you from getting to your next level.

Do not allow other people to stop you from receiving all the things God has planned for you.

Do not allow past mistakes and failed plans to keep you back from trying again.

Today I encourage you to condition your heart for elevation. In other words, get ready. Dress like you’re about to go to that next level. Begin to think like you’ve already been promoted to the position God has for you. Acclimate your body in preparation for the climb because God is able to take you to the highest of heights. But know that none of this will be possible if you continue to hold on to your dead weight.

I’m a terrible packer. I usually pack my luggage 4hours before my flight. I’m not an expert hiker so I have been guilty of packing loads of ‘healthy’ snacks in my bagpack while convincing myself that I can somehow carry it all without stopping on my first ever trail. And I have cried to my trainer many times while holding much heavier weight. But what all of these experiences taught me is that there is no easy way to get to where I want to go with all that weight. Well, that and the fact that my trainer does not give a damn when I cry about pain, but I digress.

My point here is, there is no better time than now to start getting rid of your dead weight. It’s what’s been keeping you back from reaching your greatest potential. And the world needs you to fulfill your potential.

Your challenge for this week is to look around and within you and figure out what are the things that you need to let go of; ask God what and who should or shouldn’t go on that next level with you and let the unpacking begin….



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