Who’s planting in your garden?

Most, if not all of us, know the story of Adam and Eve. Even if you have not read the bible before, at some point in your life you would have been exposed to this particular biblical story. It goes a little something like this…

God created the first man and called him Adam. He later created woman to be companion for Adam and called her Eve. God placed them in a beautiful and fruitful garden called Eden where they were allowed to roam as freely as they wished with only ONE rule – not to eat of the fruit of a particular tree. All was bliss until one day a serpent convinced Eve that it was ok to eat the forbidden fruit. She then gave it to Adam and because of their disobedience to God, they were cast out.

I said all of that to say, there has been an age old debate as to who was wrong. To date, many men blame woman for the creation of sin, saying “if it weren’t for Eve we would not be suffering now.” Whereas, many women blame Adam saying he did not take responsibility as a man to lead or protect his woman in the garden. Others blame the serpent. God blamed them all.

Today, however, instead of placing blame, I would like for us to get to the root of the issue here. It matters not what fruit they ate, nor who ate it first. If you look a little closer into the story, you’ll realize that the serpent didn’t persuade their taste buds neither their hearts. Instead, the enemy got into their greatest asset – their minds. What this story shows us, is that if not guarded, it becomes very easy for others to get into our heads. More importantly, according to how we treat it, our minds can either become our greatest or weakest asset and as a result, it can either elevate us or destroy us. Today’s blog post is entitled, who’s planting in your garden?

We begin with the question, who do you have around you that has the power to plant ideas in your garden? Is it your boyfriend, mother, father, wife, boss, pastor, president, or best friend.

What thoughts are you harboring there yourself? Thoughts about ending your life, not being able to find closure in situations, nightmares from traumatic events that occurred in your past, or overthinking about whether or not you should make certain decisions.

And, what kinds of things have you surrounded yourself with that influences the thoughts in your head? Does your surrounding show a true reflection of who you are? The real you?

Now, before you say,  “No one can get in my head”


Let me let you in on a not-so-secret. The shows you watch can influence your thoughts. The way people around you speak can influence your thoughts. The relationships (especially toxic ones) that you’re around can influence your thoughts as much as the things you read, the news you watch and the politics you support.

More than just that, let’s be real for a second, everyone has a message for your mind. Pastors aren’t the only ones trying to preach to us. Our friends are preaching to us as well. Both by their actions and their advice, they plant messages in our minds every single day.

As such, now more than ever, it is so important for us to protect our mind at all costs. For far too long, we’ve allowed any and everybody to weasel their way into our gardens. Then we wonder why we feel stuck, stressed or extremely tired when the night comes. This is because every single person that has been allowed into our lives, take a little bit of our energy with them when they leave. Today more than ever it is important for us to protect our energy.

Though we are all born with a purpose and with a unique and particular set of skills, and dreams, not all of us will be able to see them become reality because when we allow others to take root in our minds, it completely changes the course of our lives. Today, I want you to know that there are a lot of little serpents camouflaged as friends, experts, societal norms, and ‘love’ that’s only in our lives to get into our minds. Beware of them!

So, what exactly is the point of today’s blog?

Today we’re going to start RECLAIMING OUR GARDENS!

How do we do this?

Most of us are so guilty of not knowing the magnitude of our mind. It is so valuable that everyone wants a piece of our mental real estate. We must first, therefore, acknowledge its worth. When we begin to realize how much power our minds hold, then we will pay more attention to what we store there.

Secondly, our mind is ever active. Even if someone has asked us, ‘what are you thinking about right now?’ and we respond with ‘nothing’, this is not true. Even while we sleep our mind is at work. As such, it is important to fill it with positive thoughts and rid ourselves of all the negative that’s currently polluting it. Even if we think that our negative thoughts are harmless to others, because we don’t plan on acting on them, I want you to know that it is still harmful – to US. The unforgiveness we store in our gardens, the bad mind, the desire to do dangerous things to others, it’s slowly but surely destroying us.

Right now as you’re reading this, you’re sitting on years and years of memories and experience in your little head. Though it may be dormant, there are so many things that exist within us (especially things that we’ve pushed to the back of our memory and have yet to be healed from) that just needs a trigger to activate.

Don’t believe me? Well, have you ever stopped talking to some-one who once hurt you? In fact, you have not seen them in years. So much time has passed and you have moved on, or so you thought because you don’t even think about them. Then in one second of seeing them out of the blue, all of the memories come rushing back at once as though it just happened? That’s the power of the mind. Unlike a wound that heals (and would not begin to bleed years after just because you saw the knife that cut you), the mind can be triggered in a split second.

More than just that, I’m sure there’s a song that you haven’t heard in decades and without reminding you the name of the song or where it came from, even if you hated it, I can easily begin to sing… Can you tell me how to get, how to get to……

And I’m pretty sure you finished my sentence by singing ‘Sesame Street’. That’s the power of the mind.

Why did I mention all of this?

I mentioned it to say, that just like those triggers, society can trigger us too. That person that told you you wouldn’t amount to much. Though it has been ages since it was said, and you have accomplished so much since then, at the back of your mind, is still this little doubt and fear that the person may be right and this is what is preventing you from going the extra mile to see your dream come true.

Despite everyone telling you how beautiful you look, because you didn’t hear it from the one you love the most, you’re feeling like you’re not beautiful at all. Serpent.

And though you know right from wrong, you’ve been surrounding yourself with people who conform to the things of the world so much so lately, that you’re beginning to look at these wrong things as normal now. Serpent.

Today, let’s uproot these things from our minds.

Your challenge for this week beginning tonight as you lie in bed, begin to renounce things that’s been said over your life. Any negative thing or action done to you that has infiltrated its way into your precious garden, renounce it in Jesus name.

Ask God to remove all negative thinking, all over thinking, all dark thoughts because life seems too hard, the desire you have to give up, take your own life, to harm others, the bad you wish for others (because they first did you wrong), the feeling that you’re not good enough, that your dreams can never come true, that you’re about to fail this test, that you’re too hard to love or that you will never experience true love, rebuke it all.

Then when you wake up tomorrow and for every single day for the rest of September, begin to make new declarations over your life. Begin to declare good success, peace of mind, protection of energy, new opportunities, and clarity of purpose over your life in Jesus’ name. More than anything else, ask God to take control of your mind and I promise you, as you do this, you’ll begin to grow in new ways, and no one will be able to have access to your garden the way they once did neither will there be anyone to blame ever again.

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