Comfort Zones

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone – in a big way and guess what… it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it went way better than expected. As such, today’s topic may seem a bit cliché because we’ve all heard about it before, but we’ll be highlighting COMFORT ZONES. More specifically, we’ll be discussing why we should run far away from them starting now…

But first, what exactly is a ‘Comfort Zone’. By definition, a comfort zone describes a psychological state where things are familiar to us and as such we are at ease and in control of our environments.

Now why would anyone want to step out of a perfect place like that?

Well, your bedroom can be a comfort zone but how can we expect to stay in bed all day when we have to work, go to school, pay bills and do things in the world.

Catch my drift here?

The same applies to our mental capacities. How can we expect to stay within a familiar state of mind at all times AND take risks in order to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams? Comfort zones and big dreams just don’t coexist.

Now I get it, I enjoy my comfort zone too. It’s a place where my stress and anxiety levels are to a minimum and I can experience ultimate comfort. It’s what’s most familiar to me. Simultaneously, however, I’ve come to realize and accept that nothing productive ever happens there.

How can we change, grow and exceed our own expectations if we’re stuck in the same space forever.

Challenging ourselves is in fact the key to achieving our greatest potentials, because only then would we discover how much greatness we possess within us and that’s where getting out the comfort zone comes into play.

In order to challenge ourselves, we must take that leap of faith and leap outside those comfort zone borders.

Stepping out the comfort zone means we’re going to have to take risks. I wasn’t always a big risk taker. In fact, my biggest idea of ‘living life on the edge’ must have been that time when I dyed my hair red, which in comparison to bungee jumping, is nothing. But, what I have learnt is that taking risks are so vital for growth because we’ll never know what we’re capable of if we don’t take a risk to try new things.

So how do you take a risk? Let go of that fear that you’re going to fail first. That’s all it takes. Know that there is no learning without some failure involved, and when you learn this way you’ll grow into who you’re truly meant to be.

How can we expect to evolve our lives (our relationships, careers, experiences) if we stick to the same routine forever?

Stepping out of that comfort zone means you’re going to experience new things, environments, people, tasks and activities that may come with some culture shock but it will also help you to expand as a person.

The more people, places and things we learn about, the more we discover who we truly are. This act of stepping outside of the familiar is so important because it means we’re moving. It means we’re telling the universe and everyone around us that we’re not stagnant and that we have much further to go.

I think one way to get rid of the fear and confusion of stepping out your comfort zone is to think of it as climbing to new heights.  From today’s experience, I want you to know that when you do step out, you’ll realize it isn’t as bad as we perceive it to be.

In fact, when you realize that all the good success is on the other size of that fear, you’ll want to run far away from that comfort zone pronto and ask yourself ‘What took me so long?’

Also, please know that there are so many people – with the same amount of fear and no more talent than you – who are out there achieving all of the things that you are currently holding yourself back from achieving.  Don’t do yourself and the world an injustice by not going the extra mile to achieve that which you were born to do.

Imagine sitting in a class and having the answer to the biggest pop question, or even better, you’re sitting on the best invention the school has ever seen. However, for some reason you did not raise your hand or submit your invention and now as a consequence, someone else gets praised for something that was meant for you. This is what remaining in your comfort zones will do.  It will prevent us from achieving all that God intended for us.

If we’re brave enough to let someone know how we feel about them, brave enough to try on new clothes and even visit new places, then why then don’t we think our goals are worthy enough of being discovered too?

I once read that staying in your comfort zone is like wearing blinders because you will tell yourself all you care about are the things that already exist in your life (I’ve been guilty of that before). You will continually convince yourself that you dislike the things that you’ve never even tried (how narrow-minded could I have been) because they just aren’t for you. And with every such thought, what you’re in fact doing is erecting thicker walls between yourself and everything that makes you uncomfortable.

The moral of that is the act of stepping out of our comfort zones is also the act of breaking down those walls. When we do this, we’re opening ourselves up to discover things we actually love. Seriously, think about this for a second. How else would you know all the things you love or you’re good at if you don’t try new things. I believe, no matter how successful you are at present, there are so many other things out there with your name on it, just waiting for you to discover too. And when we do achieve these new things you’ll be able to be and feel more confident and fulfilled with yourselves. Know that your potential is limitless.

Outside of that comfort zone is that certificate for the course you’re afraid to pursue, the position you’re doubting you’re capable of getting, the true love you can’t see at the moment, the environments you want to network and be a part of, the peace of mind, the financial stability, the body, the degree, the success you deserve and so much more…

How about taking that leap today?


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