6 Little Things to Take You Through…

Sunday after Sunday there’s a post for you. One meant to inspire, uplift, encourage and give you some positive nuggets to take you through the new week. But let’s be real for a second, we’re not always in the mood for long, deep essays of psychological or biblical advice nor someone trying to rub their rainbow of positivity in our already-stressed or dull faces. So that’s not what we’re going to do today.

In fact, since we’re being honest, though I love to write (as you may have already been able to tell) I’m not always in the mood to post positive stuff either.

My ideal Sunday includes a nice, long road trip with the most eclectic playlist of old school R&B and today’s new school love-songs-are-making-a-comeback-thanks-to-EllaMai-and-H.E.R kind of tunes because Sundays are made for ice-cream and lovers, not always writing/reading. Well, at least that’s my view. For you, it may be something completely different. Either way, today we’ll switch it up!

As you prepare yourselves for this new week (how are we halfway through October already?! WHAT) here are some tips/self-challenges I’d like to leave with you:

Day 1: Take a look in the mirror – I mean a real look, deep inside your eyes and picture your soul. Then look from head to toe, and find one thing you like and tell it to yourself. (E.g. I love your smile)


Day 2: Write down what makes you happy. (Save this for the day you’re feeling at your lowest this week.)


Day 3: Un-follow three pages/people on your social media that no longer serves who/what you’re trying to become.

(E.g. TheShaderoom has taken up way more hours than your thesis paper. Time for a priority check. And while you’re at it, stop stalking that one person you don’t even follow on Social Media.)


Day 4: Tell someone about your dream this week. Your real dream. That one thing that you’ve always wanted to try. Yup, you know the one!

(Don’t be afraid either. It’s just one person, preferably someone who doesn’t already know. It could be to a co-worker over lunch or to a friend whom you’re catching up with online or via telephone. It doesn’t matter who you tell nor what their response will be. The aim is to finally let go of that dream and put it into the atmosphere. Let fate take its course from there.)


Day 5: Time to admit your flaws. Yup, I told you it’s not going to be a blog about positivity. Sometimes, accountability is more important and efficient.

(Whether you can do some honest, self-reflection on your own or you need to have a conversation with someone close to you to point them out, figure out what your flaws are. We all have them. Just recently I had a similar conversation with a friend and I had to own up to my own flaws. –  E.g. I am judgmental – Then I wrote them all down and asked God to forgive me for them and to help me grow through them.)


Day 6: Cry! Fricking Cry! It’s okay! And this is NOT advice for females only.

If we’re being honest here, I cried this past week. More than once too. I cried because people are draining. I cried because I missed someone. I cried because my day was long. I cried because I couldn’t remember what makes me happy. I cried because I had to make some room for the things I was about to do. And guess what, I’m better now because of it.

Life isn’t perfect. It isn’t always about positive quotes, and life certainly isn’t going to change over night because we follow a blog. However, it’s going to take the little things to get us through. And these little things matter. So how about we try them together…


Day 7: I’ll see you back here: Same time, different topic!

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