What do we need more than supplies? HOPE!

Like so many others, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago today woke up to a forecast which not only included scattered thunderstorms but also bouts of hopelessness, sadness and empathy, as one couldn’t help but fall witness to the undeniable defeat between man and mother nature. As such, it would be remise of me not to mention my tiny island’s current state in today’s blog.

For those who are aware and others that may not be, Trinidad and Tobago is currently experiencing major flooding due to torrential rain fall over the past couple of days. Like many areas in this small nation, however, there are also many of you reading this, who have also fallen victim to mental and emotional floods. I know the feeling all too well.

Today’s blog is therefore dedicated to those who have gone through experiences that almost took their lives; have lost everything; currently feel like you’ve hit rock bottom; or don’t even know what your tomorrows will look like based on what you’re presently facing (in your relationships, family life, careers and battle with self) today.

Like our present disaster, every storm we face in life is different. Each takes its own path and even blows at its own speed. Think about it. The storms we go through in life often aim to destroy our happiness, uproots our environments and flood and cloud our best judgments. Having experienced any sort of storm (heartbreak, rejection, betrayal, grief, financial debt, failure, abuse and the likes), you know that it leaves you with scars. So how does one get through times like these?

As a result of the inclement weather conditions, I’m so proud that my people have taken up their roles as thy neighbour’s keepers and lend so much support to disaster relief efforts currently being held throughout the island. We too have donated necessary supplies, while others have given their time and hands on support. But, when faced with storms in our lives, what do we need more than ever? My answer is HOPE.

Today we’re keeping it short and sweet, as, let’s be real, no one has the time to read a lot when there’s disaster all around us. However, we can’t stress enough the importance of lending and emphasizing hope to everyone facing troubled waters. The bible tells us that thethings that happen to us may not be good in themselves. In fact, they’ll be far from but what truly matters is that all things work together for good, to those who love God. And no matter what you may be facing, how high (floods) or problems may be, know that God will never give you more than you can bear.

But how does one have hope when everything and everyone else around you seem hopeless? Well before we end, we want you to know that having hope is a constant, active and decisive mindset put into every aspect of your life. Having hope means rising about the pain and darkness you currently face. Having hope means choosing yourself over fear. Having hope means battling to achieve the possible and slay all the despair that confront you. Having hope means choosing to never lose sight of brighter days. Now, more than ever, this is what we need to have most to get through the floods of life!


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