The beauty of hardships

Look at you.. still here. What a week you’ve had, yet you’re still standing!

We can’t help but begin today’s blog by taking a moment to congratulate you.

Yes, YOU!

“For what?” You ask.

For being resilient, faithful, committed, and stronger than you’ve ever known you were or could be in order to survive this past week.

For some of us, our week looked like floods of tears from a break-up; loss of things from an actual flood; beginning a new job; trying to manage four jobs at the same time, or simply trying to keep it all together (without going insane). No matter what your dilemma may have been this week, you made it through to the other side. WELCOME!


I imagine a week ago, not knowing how you were going to survive, you were filled with fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration and even hopelessness.

You thought things couldn’t have gotten any better, and even if you believed it would, you sure as hell didn’t know HOW or WHERE your help was coming from.

Luckily, in times of distress, there is a great HELPER called Jesus Christ who always makes a way!

Today I’m here to encourage you, especially if you haven’t fully recovered from your (hectic) last 7 days, that there is beauty in all that you’ve gone through.


I said there is beauty in all that you’ve gone through!

You see, the beauty of hardships is that we get to experience necessary pain that helps us to grow.

Ohh that was good a good quote… you should tweet that:

Though undesired, hardships are a natural part of our human experience. And through these earthly experiences, we can and do become better versions of ourselves – if we allow it.

I know, I know… You’re probably shaking your head in disagreement wondering where the heck did I get this idea from?

Today I have one simple request that you open your mind with me as we try to see hardships for what they really are: Growth spurts.

Through hardships can be frightening and often times leave us wounded; avoiding to learn from these hardships can be even more frightening.

You see, you didn’t just experience all that you did ‘by chance’ last week. Instead, these were all necessary hurdles that tested both your faith and your abilities.

But why?

You were tested because before the blessings come, we often have to go through seasons.

And right now it’s Growing season!

Don’t believe me?

Let’s then take a moment to reflect on your past week.

No, I mean really think back – as much as you could remember – and realize how much occurred in that short space of time. 

These were not ‘by chance’ events.

These things occurred because you needed to be tested in order to grow.

During this season of your life, everything will seem hard. In growing season hardly anything goes the way we desire. In growing season we begin to feel stretched where we once felt blessed. In growing season it’s hard to see the beauty in anything. However, in growing season we can also become the person worthy of miracles.

My advice today is: “Don’t stunt your growth by giving up during this season.”

Hardships are exactly that – hard. Think of the biggest boulder and that’s probably the way you’ve been seeing life.

Or perhaps, you think that there are mountains too high for you to get over. There are tasks at work too difficult for you to complete. There are bills too expensive to clear off. There are people too complicated to understand and there are some things that are just too difficult to heal from.

Regardless of perspective, I want you to be encouraged by the fact that hardships do not have to overwhelm or defeat us.

At some point or many, we’re all going to experience struggles, difficulties and hardships. However, when dealing with it, always look for its beauty too. Know that just like you got through this past week, you’ll be able to make it through the next. And the next week after that.

As much as hardships hurt, they can also bring out the best in us. More than anything else, know that through these hardships, there is growth. Beautiful growth and beautiful strength from within just waiting to be discovered.

I hope these hardships teach you to exceed others’ limiting beliefs of who you are, break bad habits that’s been holding you back, and adopt new and renewed mindsets for the upcoming week.

Know that there is nothing too big or impossible for God to handle and it’s at the moment when you can’t even imagine a way, God makes ones.

So, as you enter into a new week, I hope you begin to see rainbows when it pours, adopt an attitude of gratitude for all that you have, begin to appreciate moments for things can change in the blink of an eye, and as you take on your next challenge, keep your head up, stay afloat, place each burden in Christ, and know that something good and beautiful will happen as a result of your hardships!


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  1. Thank you, I needed to read this today \

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    1. You’re most welcome. You’ve even inspired my new post. @katetrustandpixiedust

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    2. You’re most welcome. You’ve even inspired my new post. @katetrustandpixiedust

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