Two magical words: Thank You

Originally, there was a totally different topic scheduled for this week’s blog. You were supposed to be reading about the magic of ‘mentors’.

Not to worry though, we’ll be sure to post it in the near future. Disclaimer: It’s a really good one too, so stay tuned. 

However, a few hours ago I received an email from one of my subscribers. It wasn’t a very long one, yet it had the most impact. It simply said, “Thank You. I needed to read this today.”

And it literally brought tears to my eyes.

It brought tears to my eyes not because I felt good someone read my blog or because it was from someone I knew.  In fact, we’ve never met. However, it really got me thinking about those two magical words and more so about its lack of use in today’s society. As such, this week’s blog will be focusing on the impact of the words THANK YOU.

When was the last time you told someone thank you?

When was the last time someone told you thank  you?

Now, before you answer by saying, “I say thank you all the time.” I want you to know that we’re not referring to just saying “thank you” as though it’s a figure of speech or reciting it after a kind gesture.

We mean saying “thank you” and really knowing why you’ve said it and more so truly meaning it when you’ve said it.

More often than not, “thank you” rolls off the tongue the same way our school prayer did. You know that long prayer that for the life of you, you would not remember outside the school gate, yet the moment you’re standing in the assembly line, it simply rolls out.

Truth be told, you never actually took the time to listen to the words or understand its meaning, you just said it because you were trained to believe that’s what you were supposed to do on mornings at school.

Well, the same applies to saying ‘thank you’ even now as an adult. We say “thank you” the same way we say amen after hearing someone say a prayer.

And we even say “thank you” the same way we end a conversation by saying, “see you later,” when in fact, we know we’re not actually going to see the person later that day.

In other words, thank you has become a common and meaningless expression.

But why is this our reality?

I mean, we teach our kids from very early on to “always say the magical words please and thank you”. Yet as adults, we can’t seem to lead by example.

Today we’re encouraging you to take a moment and look around you.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for.

Things we often take for granted on a daily basis. Things, for some reason, we don’t realize is not every man’s reality and so we should be grateful for being so fortunate.

I’ve made it my daily routine to let “Thank You”  be the first two words that comes out of my mouth every single morning. Often times even before my eyes actually open.

I say thank you Lord for waking me up this morning, for blessing me to see a new day (because He didn’t have to), for opening my eyes to see, for giving me ears to hear, a nose to smell, the ability to feel and taste. I thank God for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, money in the pocket, clean water (to bathe and drink), for indoor plumbing, for waking up both my parents today too and for the ability to say His name in a free country without being condemned.

I know some of these things sound silly and are often overlooked but that’s just the thing. We often don’t say thank you because we believe we are owed things in life.

The reality it, nothing is owed to us in this life.

We are all blessed to wake up every morning because that’s just how much God loves us, not because we’ve done great things to deserve it. It is a privilege to be in the land of the living and so we would like to encourage you today to simply say thank you.

Now you’re probably thinking… “okay, okay, I get your point, you want us to pray on mornings but God knows my heart. What does any of this have to do with my goals or trying to motivate me out of my current state?”

eye rolls

Well, we’re glad you asked.

One thing life has taught me is that gratitude does not have a specific season nor should we stop being thankful when things aren’t going in our favor.

By this we mean, the more things we’re grateful for, especially when we’re in dark or low places, the more blessings we’re granted to receive.

In fact, being thankful has less to do with minding your manners and more so to do with minding your goals.

What are some of your goals?

It could be owning a car, getting married, falling in love, finding a new job, being promoted in your current job, getting money, taking a vacation or simply finding a reason not to wake up feeling sad every day.

No matter the specifics, your end goal is being happy, am I right?

That’s your real goal in life or at least it should be.

Saying and meaning thank you can get you there a little faster. 

Often times we’re in relationships yet can’t seem to figure out why there’s always drama? Have you ever stopped to just say “thank you” to that special person. Thank them for all the little things that they do. Things, that though you may very well deserve, they choose to do so because they care for you, not because they’re obligated to do it.

One thing we should all learn in life is that no one – not even your parents or kids – are obligated to do anything for you. When you begin to accept this, I promise you, a lot of silly fights can be fixed.

On the other hand, one of the main reasons why you’re probably waking up and wishing you didn’t have to go to work every morning, is less because the job is hard, and more so because you may be feeling unappreciated in your workplace.

In other words, you have not been told thank you enough.

To that I say, there’s no way you can convince someone to appreciate you – whether it’s your boss or your lover – you just can’t.

However, what you can and should do is continue striving to be the best you can be and more importantly be the one who appreciates others for their hard work. If you adopt this mindset, I promise you, your time will soon come.

Do not let other people’s cruelty cause you to become cruel too, continue to say thank you.

Additionally, I’ve learnt the hard way that not everyone is going to support your dreams. So, if you’re blessed with a select few that do, then I urge you to run to them after you’ve finished reading this and shout, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Having someone support your dream is a great feeling and it can really push you toward achieving your goals.

Equally important is the role you can play. Instead of focusing on self at all times, how about becoming that support to someone else too (even if you haven’t been on the receiving end.)

If you have a friend who has had a dream for a very long time but is presently having a hard time bringing it to fruition, today I urge you to go tell them ‘thank you.’ Say thank you for having the guts to go after your dreams, I believe in you. Trust me, those words would be a blessing for both you and them.

Saying thank you is one those things we often take for granted. We say it almost, if not everyday, but mean it less than ever.

Today can be the day to end that vicious cycle.

I would not carry on this post any longer.

Instead, my wish is that you look around again and find those people you need to say thank you to. Give them a call, have a sit down and really mean what you say.

If you’re the one who’s always doing for others but its not reciprocated, I get that too. However, continue being the best you can be. Continue being kind and your appreciation will come in huge ways from God not man.

If you’re familiar with this site, you’ll know by now we love giving you activities. More specifically, we love to encourage you to write things done.

Today, as we learn the importance of saying and meaning “thank you”, we would like you to:

Write down five things you’re thankful:






Now, write down five people you’re thankful for (don’t just run to jot down names in the name of lust/love). Think about the people who genuinely do things for you that often go unnoticed:






The plot twist is, if you can’t complete any of the five, then this is your sign to go out and be that person to someone else. Let’s make sure you end up on someone else’s list.

Now whether this is your first time or you’re 100th time reading my blog posts, I can’t end without saying a million times over….

thank you

Now you go out and continue the trend.


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