We turned 4! Happy Birthday to us!

Dear loyal readers,

I started this blog in November 2014 with a blank template and a dream. A dream that was so much bigger than I was, I didn’t quite know how to start accomplishing it.

As many of you already know my dream has always been to become a writer. Not just any writer but a #1 New York Times Best selling author, a renown journalist that gives a voice to the voiceless, traveling the world as an advocate for literacy and ultimately a media extraordinaire.

I have been writing all my life. However, one day a friend of mine said, “You claim to be a writer but how often do you write?” And this question both offended and surprised me.


Because until that very moment no one had EVER asked me that question.

People would often ask, “What do you write about?”


“Why do you want to be a writer?”

But never HOW often do I write?

I mean, if we think about it, it’s not a difficult question.

In hindsight, however, I think I was offended because if we’re being honest, I wasn’t writing as often as I should have been and so this blog was birthed with some trepidation, bad mind but most importantly in response and as a vehicle  to get this dream rolling – as often as it should.

And so today’s blog isn’t going to be a long one.

Instead, I’m here to ask you the same question.

How often do you do the things you claim to love, desire to become or want to accomplish????

I know you have a dream.

I know it’s been a dream of yours for quite some time now.

But now is your chance to have an honest moment with yourself and think about how much time you’re actually putting into achieving this dream of yours.

If you’re anything like me and your answer is, “not enough time” then to you I say NOW is the time to get things rolling.

For you it may not be blogging, but it could be dance. You claim to be a dancer. In fact, you spent years studying dance, yet you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen a studio.

Or maybe you’ve got a personal goal to be more athletic, you started school (again), you claim to be a wanderlust on your social media bios (but haven’t even applied for that visa), you have a love for kids and desire to pursue a career in child psychology or maybe your dream is attached to your connection with animals.

No matter the dream, ask yourself how often are you doing the things you need to do to actually achieve the goal?

We’re less than 6 weeks away from the new year.

(OMG! What the actual x_x 2019 already!!!!)


So let’s not wait until the calendar changes to start doing the things required or worse wait until the night of New Years Eve (like everyone else) to start reminiscing over wasted time.

Let’s seize today like there’s no tomorrow.

Whatever that goal is – do something NOW!

If I could claim to be a ‘writer’ then nothing should stop me from writing. That became my motto. It didn’t matter where I was nor what time of day or night it may be.

In fact, let me let you in on a little secret. I’m actually writing this at a concert that says NO USE of cellphones.


Because I had other things carded for today but I was also not about to miss a scheduled blog date so I had to get it done some way, some how.

And just in case you don’t hear from me after this, it probably means I got arrested or got my phone confiscated lol. Send for help!

My point here is,  this is the same mindset I’d like for you to adopt.

Let nothing stop you from achieving the dream.

I repeat, let nothing stop you from achieving the dream!

If I could get over my stiffling anxiety of clicking the publish button every week to share my intimate thoughts with you and flood your timelines asking you to join in and read though I fear rejection like a cat is afraid of water then you too can get started on whatever you wish your niche to be.

As for tonight, I had to trade my laptop and home office for high heels, and mobile data at a sold out concert to get that much closer to the dream. So I’m asking you, what are you willing to trade to get close to your dream today?

Read more at: http://www.kaymariefletcherwrites.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. thank you for the motivation!


  2. Sade Chance says:

    It’s time for me to chase after my dreams.
    Thank you for being such a light


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