Be Your Own Anger Management

Call me selfish but today’s blog was written for both you and ME.

I usually plan ahead and do research before choosing and writing topics.

I always ask myself, “What would my readers want to know about today?”

More importantly, “What topics can I shed some light on that would really inspire my readers?”

However, today’s blog, though late, is one of significance but I’m not only writing it for you.

Today, I’m writing in hopes that I’d be able to take some of my own advice too.

Today’s blog post is entitled – BE YOUR OWN ANGER MANAGEMENT.

And its content is as self explanatory as its name.

Now, I always keep it honest here so I’d get right to it.

About three hours ago I got a call that made me very angry – to say the least.

Because of what the caller on the line was saying, I lost myself for a moment.

You’d be pretty surprised to know who the caller was. But, needlesstosay, I really wanted to spit out some explicits (which is very unlike my character).

About three minutes into the conversation, I could no longer hear what the other person was saying (or maybe I chose not to) and if my life were in animation, you’d see a red angry emoji with smoke coming from the top of my head.



It went on for 9 minutes until I couldn’t take it any more.

After the conversation was over, I still wasn’t satisfied and came up with a hostile plan to react the next time I saw the person.

It probably took me another 30 minutes and some reasoning with some very reasonable people in my life (so thankful for them) for me to calm down.

Then it got me thinking…

How many times do we experience (often unexpectedly) things that cause us to get out of character?

How many times does the devil appear – in the form of people, change of plans and disasters – to mess with us to the point that we’re so angry we end up acting/reacting just as low as the people who harmed us in the first place?

How many times, because of things which you have no control over, have you done things out of angry, that you eventually regretted?


Well, that could have been ME today.

That was ME, many times before.

And that’s probably been you a time or two as well.


So someone tries to hurt you.. and your response is to ‘hurt them back.’

What do you gain from it?

Did that change the fact that you were hurt at all?

True, it may have made you feel a little better, but in the end, did it really?

tenor (3)

Now today isn’t going to be a long one at all. (Wait, do I really say this every week?) lol

In fact, I just came on here to let you know that (if you’re looking for one) this is your sign, your message and your advice toward that problem or person you’re currently facing.

Getting upset, angry, cursing, lashing out, physically fighting or losing control over your emotions solves NOTHING.

If anything at all, all  it does is quickly drain your energy.


What I’ve learnt is, if you react to anger with anger, then you’re part of the problem.


Today I learnt that had I reacted (which I really wanted to do) it would have solved nothing.

Instead, I choose to take a step back, breathe and find another way to solve the matter.

In other words, what I did today was made a choice, that we all have the power to make, but rarely do, and that is called “taking the high road.”

Given its prospective benefits, why has the high road evolved into Robert Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken?’

(10 points for anyone of my literary geeks who caught that poem’s reference.)

(Shame on you to everyone else who doesn’t know who Robert Frost is.. google him.)

Because it is harder to be calm than to be angry. It is even harder for someone to calm down once she is angry, and that person crying out in anger may in fact be crying for help that you can give, if you choose to.

Though the world and sometimes your own little voice in your head may lead you to believe that by staying quiet you’re the one losing the fight, this is not true.

There is more strength in remaining calm than acting out.

The same applies to any situation in life that is currently stressing you out. Whether this is a situation at work or personal, remain calm.

Stressing over things wont bring answers.. trust me I know.


There’s no one person reading this who has never gotten upset, or even lost control of their emotions for a bit.

However, it is at these times, when people expect us to react irrationally, we should really allow wisdom and humility to kick in (if you don’t have any get close to someone who has) and take a step back, look at the situation from a different angle and find a better way to deal with it.

Sometimes, no response is the best response.

Other times, you go to God in prayer (actually this should be all of the time, because only He has the solutions that we need.)


I recently read that wisdom is a cherished commodity.

Wisdom cuts through confusion and replaces it with clarity.

It distills decisions into a sequence of small successes and it also warns of impending danger.

Wisdom represents a word from the Lord so its value is enormous but it has to be sought out and asked for.

It is actually a gift from God.

A gift that protects you from decisions that could haunt you for a lifetime.

In other words, when dealing with issues or people that anger you, ask God to give you the wisdom to deal with the situation.

Feel free to call me crazy, feel free to rip these words apart and never think of them again. To do so would be easy.

But, as we wrap up (I told you it wasn’t going to be long, ha) all I ask you of you and really implore you to do is…

“Realize that how you respond to someone’s anger is not anyone else’s choice but YOUR OWN.”

If you can find it in you to take the high road, then please, listen to your not so friendly neighborhood blogger and do so.

That will make all the difference.

For me, the next time I find myself in a situation like I did today, my reaction would not be to lash out.

Instead, I’ll be (taking my own advice) and asking for wisdom to get through it while – easier said than done, I know.. but definitely worth it.

I know, I know…in the heat of the moment, acting out may seem like the perfect thing to do.

“Winning” the argument or fight may be the intended goal.

But in the long run, stressing less, worrying less, and learning to not allow people’s negative energy to get to you is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Besides taking the high road is the most peaceful road you can take.

So would you join me today?





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