While you were wasting your day…

Two single people laughed and conversed for hours like lovers do, secretly wishing they could meet and be with someone like each other.

A couple who looks like the ideal “relationship goals” had another fight.

Someone else woke up to the devastating news that their loved one just died.

The stress and anxiety of getting the house prepared stole the joy and true meaning of December 25th for one family near you.

And, the reality of having to spend Christmas alone brought someone else to tears… but those tears were quickly wiped away as the telephone rang and they had to cheer someone else up.

What do all of these scenarios tell us?

Well, we can start with the fact that all of this happened while you were busy stressing over a problem today that’s actually quite solvable.

More importantly, what were all of these real life scenarios put here to teach us?

And the answer to this is today’s blog title: CHERISH THIS MOMENT.

You see, time teaches us that whether we’re sleeping, complaining, daydreaming or working really hard… life can come at you fast.

In fact, most times the things we’re wasting our time worrying or fussy over are actually minute in comparison to the baggage that someone else may be carrying.

As such, and in the spirit of one year closing and a new one beginning, we’d like to share this piece of advice with you:

“Cherish what you have, and even what you don’t because what you have can be taken away and what you don’t can’t be cherished.”

Oh so good, if I were you I’d tweet that:

What this simply means is, imagine you were asked to pull out a calculator right now and tabulate how much time you’ve spent worrying – especially over things you have no control over – you’d realized it’s almost been the entire year, not so?

But, what if we were to tabulate time dedicated to actually cherishing where we are in life right now, we’d realize it’s almost no time at all.

I get it, I get it. 

Where you are presently isn’t where you imagined you’d be this time last year.

But, that doesn’t mean you should waste the rest of the year feeling sorry for yourself.

In fact, the truth is, there are millions of people out there who are praying they could have the life you’re stressing over right now.

Sadly, we’ve become so self-indulged as a people that we’re now ignorant to the  fact that there are people dealing with so much more.

Though the year is almost through and there are some things on your to-do list that’s far from completion.

Hell, there are probably A LOT of things not accomplished.

But, guess what?

You’re still here. You’ve got life. You’ve got strength and you’ve got so much inside of you still waiting to be discovered.

Truth is, we often don’t allow ourselves to cherish the PRESENT because we’re too busy worrying over what just happened or what could happen.

So, how about we seize the last 8 days of this year by finding ways to CHERISH THE MOMENT.

Whether it’s…

  • Telling someone thank you (for how much they’ve helped you this year.)
  • Treating yourself (for all the hard work and overtime you’ve put in.)
  • Writing a new list (since you got rid and lost all of the things and people that no longer serve you and now your life has made room for NEWNESS)
  • Thanking God for all of your blessings – big or small – that he’s provided.
  • Giving back to someone else who’s in a more difficult position than you.
  • Taking a break from all the house cleaning and Christmas preparations and celebrations to look up at the sky and the stars and realize that this life is bigger than you and me.
  • Or simply, taking a quiet moment to smell the roses – literally.

Let’s do these things in honor of all the moments we’ve already taken for granted.

Remember we are here NOW.

We are here for a purpose.

So, today, if only for a moment, I encourage you to CHERISH your NOW.

Whatever you do, however you do it, find a way to cherish this moment, for you can never get it back.

We’ll end here because I’ve got to log off and take my own advice! I’m about to do the same!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Auntie Clair says:

    Thank you. I will certainly take your advice.


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