Re-visit & Re-adjust!

I received a very touching message today from someone who read an old blog post of mine.

“Hmm. What did I write that touched him so much?” I thought.

Truth be told, I’m always so focused on planning what to write next, that I’m guilty of rarely re-reading old posts.

I mean, let’s be real, I’ve been writing since birth, so at times, I too can forget what I wrote.

I was so moved by the message,  however, that I had to revisit the old post myself.

And that got me thinking…

How often do we take the time to revisit things?

How often do we revisit people who’ve selflessly poured into our lives especially during difficult times like old teachers, childhood friends, past employers, or that one person who shared the best piece of advice we’ve ever gotten but never got any credit for ultimately changing our lives?

How often do we revisit new year resolutions that never materialized?

How often do we revisit ideas we never got around to giving a try?

How often do we take necessary time to think back at the things we truly wanted to achieve (since we were kids)  before life flew by and circumstances led us in a different direction?

I suspect the answer is NOT ENOUGH.

So today, instead of being too quick to “forge straight ahead”


Thinking about “the next BIG idea”

How about we do some revisiting together?!

Today’s blog post is entitled Revisit and Re-adjust!


The purpose of today’s  post is to help you identify what you truly want to achieve.

The trick is, in order to do so and ultimately achieve these things in our future, we’re first  going to have to revisit some old things in our past.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re always overthinking, over-planning and focusing on what’s the next idea, plan, goal, place to visit, thing to do, and or new level to climb. So much so, that you don’t spend enough time appreciating your NOW and definitely no time at all reflecting on your past.

Well, a year ago, I decided to change things!

And in so doing, I changed my perspective, my focus and ultimately my life.

In 2018, I had a lot of revisiting to do .

I revisited old jobs, schools and persons I once had close relations with.

I revisited places, photos and even songs that once held special meanings.

Internally, I revisited good memories, past pains and words left unsaid.

I did all of this because I realized in order to forge ahead, I needed to find closure with all the people, things and issues I once swept under the rug.

And what I experienced in return was…

Through revisiting, I’ve found closure.

Through revisiting, I’ve seen things in a different light.

Through revisiting, I’ve forgiven myself and others.

Through revisiting, I’ve gained appreciation for how far I’ve come.

Through revisiting, I’ve ignited hope and reminded myself of the true reasons for my goals and dreams.

The best part is, the same can happen for you!


Today’s encouragement, therefore, is for YOU to revisit whatever it is that you never quite got over in order to finally find your closure.

Now, don’t get me wrong, today’s post is by no means a sign to rekindle any old flames.

Not at all. Trust me honey, there’s a reason he/she is called an Ex.  2019 has enough in store for you, leave the dead weight behind.

However, we’re going to have to face whatever it is that we’ve been avoiding for far too long, in order to progress.

The good news is, when I did this, I realized that half the things weren’t as scary  or painful anymore.

Also, revisiting doesn’t always have to involve bad times.

Revisiting also refers to the good times.

If you’re presently having issues in your marriage, relationship, friendship or job, how about mentally revisiting the first three months when you first got into that relationship or job. Think back at how magical and happy you felt use this to remind yourself why it’s worth keeping.

Also, if you’ve had a dream of achieving a goal for almost a decade now but nothing but rejection and what seems like failure has come your way, so much so that you’ve convinced yourself to give up and do something else (that has nothing to do with your initial dream) then I encourage you to think back to the moment you came up with the idea in the first place.

Remind yourself how inspired you were.

And most importantly, remind yourself that you’re deserving of it all.

In reflecting, fill yourself with the same enthusiasm and sense of purpose you felt back then then let that fuel your 2019.

In closing, my advice for your 2019 and beyond is, as much as we’re all about achieving new goals, never forget the importance of reflecting on the reason(s) you started in the first place!

Take the next moment

Move away from all distractions

And use your time to re-visit and re-adjust!


P.S. Exciting news coming this week! Stay tuned!



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