Believe In Your Own Fairytale is OUT NOW!!!!!

Big Announcement!

Attention All  🗣

Dreams do come true!

I repeat – Dreams do come true! 

I once knew a little girl who loved to write in diaries, copybooks, scrap paper and just about anything she could find to write stuff down. A little girl with the wildest of imaginations. A little girl who often spoke to herself because no one else believed in all the crazy ideas she wanted to share.

I once knew a young girl who often played dress up and imagined she was a best selling author and journalist living her big city dreams.

Well, that little girl – though optimistic and full of life – was often mocked and laughed at by others who told her she sounded silly for living in her own bubble and pretending she could live out her Disney fairytale dreams. On the surface she was “fine” but behind closed doors she faced rejection, grief, depression, heartbreak, betrayal and loss. Writing was her solace.

Despite it all, she held on to these dreams because deep down inside she just knew that this was exactly what God had predestined for her. And she just had to follow her gut.

Year after year, however, the dream failed to materialize and it seemed as though everyone who said, “those things only happen in the fairytales you love to read and watch on tv not real life” were on to something.

Yet, year after year, she just knew if not her prayers, her grandmother’s prayers would definitely ensure that God fulfill her silly dreams.

Today, that little girl is no longer dreaming. She woke up and became the woman of her dreams as she finally birthed her dream into reality.

Today, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, with tears in her eyes and ignoring the fear of stepping out of her comfort zone and publicizing her baby, that little girl is ME.

It is now my greatest honor to say: My debut book, Believe In Your Own Fairytale is officially out NOW!!!!!!!!

Available everywhere books are sold. Available, no matter where in the world you are.

For easy access, here are some links you can purchase the book at.

P.S. Be sure to re-visit these pages and post a review!

  1. Amazon:

  1. Thomas Nelson:

  1. Barnes & Noble:

  1. Kobo:

  1. Book-A-Million:

  1. Believe In Your Own Fairytale website:


  1. Microsoft Store:


8. Book Depository:


9. Faith Gateway Store:

10. Christian Books:


For my UK booklovers –


11. Booktopia (Austrialia’s local bookstore):


12. Autorious:

And you can even purchase in bulk from…

13. Bulk Bookstore:


I’m no longer dreaminggggg…! 

Dreamed it then real life-d it!

Now I’m so excited to share this moments with you!!

Be sure to share with a friend as well.

I truly believe that books have the power to change lives.

Thank you in advance for ALL the love and support!!!!

Be Blessed ❤

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sinead says:

    Congratulations to you my dear. God is great and faithful. Wishing you continued success!


  2. Kezia Cumberbatch says:

    Congratulations and God’s continued blessings. Always set your eyes on Him and remember that through Him all things are possible.


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