Loyal readers get a sneak peek…

Hey loyal readers,

It’s always a joy for me to connect with you every Sunday. And today is a special one for me as I’m writing to you now as a published author.


That may not mean much to some, and it may even pass over the heads of others, but to me, it’s a dream come true. And in essence, that’s what this blog is all about.

Every topic, experience, interest, point of view, analogy and encounter I share via this blog all points to YOU walking toward your destiny, and making your dreams come true.

Today, as I’m filled with so much gratitude, I’d like to share a sneak peek of my debut book “Believe In Your Own Fairytale” with you…


There are two types of people in the world: those who dream and those who make their dreams become a reality. This book was written for those whose dreams are anything but normal. For all the wanderers, big thinkers, and all those who still believe in love, passion, and living life to the fullest even though they’ve faced a lot of challenges or lacked support from others along the way.

I was just a girl from a small twin-island who always had a wild imagination and a lot of big city dreams. First, I was afraid of what people would think when they read my deepest thoughts. However, it was only when I allowed my vulnerability to take the form of my words that I was able to break free and continue on my journey.

Today, I am a vessel for all those who at times can’t find the words to describe how they feel or tell others about that ‘thing’ that’s stirred up inside them. Something that they probably have not yet realized is their true passion and dreams. Today I write not only for my voice but for other voices to be heard as well. I write all that I feel whether it’s pain, love, frustration, fear, conviction, faith, or hope. Most importantly, I write with all my heart. My journey has brought me to this point and I hope that this book can help you along your path as well. My words are meant to inspire, to provoke thought, and to ask the question, “Do you believe in fairytales?”

When you heard the term “fairytale,” I’m sure you immediately thought about magic, fairies, myths, Disney stories, and so on. Until now you’ve always imagined a fairytale to be folklore, and something that could never ever happen to YOU. [PS: You were so wrong.] But have no fear because I’ve come to convince you otherwise. [Wait … does that make me your fairy Godmother? Damn. I guess so.]

You see, when I tell others about my goals and dreams, they too think that it could only happen if I lived in Neverland. And if we’re being honest, my road to success has always included difficult and at times devastating incidents, making one believe that it’s really impossible. But through it all, my experiences have somehow always led me to improbable and happy endings.

The truth is I got so fed up of hearing the word ‘fairytale’ that one day I woke up and decided to create my own narrative of what a fairytale should be. From that moment on, I also promised myself to never allow what others thought or what I go through to stunt or stop me from striving toward success and neither should you.

As such, my goal after you’ve finished reading this is to have you begin to believe that magic exists within you; that you deserve true love; that you are more special than mythical characters; and more than anything else, you too deserve to have (especially after everything you’ve been through) a happily ever after. I hope that instead of only watching it on television or reading it in a book, you would allow yourself to create your own fairytale.

But let’s rewind for a moment….

You see I did not become an overnight success, nor did MY fairytale story begin with the traditional ‘Once upon a time’….

I, however, have always dreamed of being twenty-five. I don’t know why but there was something about being twenty-five, at the peak of my youth, that excited me. I always believed at age twenty-five I would be in control of my own destiny. I’ve always pictured my twenty-five-year-old self with a master’s degree, getting married to the love of my life, having a career that would allow me to travel the world and fulfill my passion to write. Then I would work toward accomplishing my PhD before age thirty after which I’d start a family. I would be accomplished, happy, and in love with the best version of myself. I had this all mapped out for years. However, September 2015 I turned twenty-five and it was such a crazy year for me. It was definitely one of growth and freedom but also one full of anxiety, confusion, and nothing like what I planned. I mean, NOTHING.

I never imagined my life would be an amusement park, but that year had definitely felt like a crazy rollercoaster ride. I survived a horrific car accident that could have ended fatally but my friends weren’t so lucky. I faced a huge disappointment with school then was offered my biggest career experience. I left my job. I moved out of my mother’s house. I’d kissed a couple frogs and even fell in love (or whatever that young naïve version of me thought love to be back then). I was told “I love you” then faced heartbreak. I travelled a lot but also felt so stuck. Anxiety and depression were slowly taking over (and by slowly I mean like an avalanche) so much so that I was beginning to get accustomed to my misery.

My most anticipated year—year twenty-five—began very difficult. I felt like I was thrown into the battlefield without any armor to protect myself. Every single goal I had for this year came crashing down one after the other, without hesitation, and without…

To read the full book, grab your copy at:



READ MORE AT: http://www.kaymariefletcherwrites.com


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    BOOM! Congraaaats!!!


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