Founder, Kay-Marie Fletcher is not only a Caribbean writer and journalist, but also has professional experience in Human Resource. It is here that she realized how common “the-what-not-to-do’s-when-applying-for-jobs” was and saw the need for more preparation even before the application process is completed. As such, Fletcher decided to create the Academic Writing Workshop geared at helping individuals improve their academic writing skills in preparation for the world of work.


  • STUDENTS [Focus: Form 5, Upper 6, Tertiary level]
  • NUMBER HEADS (Who need that extra help when it comes to words)

The group workshop was uniquely designed to teach individuals how to WRITE:

  • CV (Cover Letters & Resumes)
  • Professional Bios
  • Blurbs
  • Speeches
  • Essays
  • College applications
  • Business Plans
  • Business Letters (Apology letters, Thank You letters, Follow-up letters, Candidate rejection letters, Employee Warning letters, Job promotion letters, Termination letters, Networking letters, Resignation letters, Retirement letters)
  • Announcements
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Sales Pitch
  • Novel Pitch
  • Query letters
  • Journaling
  • Citation

The workshop sessions also place emphasis on how to create Vision Boards, start a blog and Journaling.


In addition to the physical workshop, individuals who require additional one-on-one coaching can register for the 24/7 Online Self-Access Writing Skills Workshop Series. This form of coaching can be done via Email OR Skype.


The workshop has a zero tolerance for exclusion and any person/age can become a part of learning how to improve their writing.