Fletcher is a  multifaceted writer with projects in three genres: Non-Fiction, Fiction and Poetry.


Mix Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and Rhonda Byrnes’ “The Secret” adding a lot of Caribbean flavor and you will get Fletcher’s debut narrative non-fiction entitled Believe In Your Own Fairytale. It is a memoir of a young, black, ambitious woman with big dreams of becoming a journalist and New York Times best selling author. However, in order to achieve these goals, which everyone else sees as “fairytales”, she has to overcome various hardships. These include grief, disappointment, depression, poverty, anxiety, crossing geographical borders and overcoming many psychological barriers. The poor girl from a tiny island goes on a journey of self-discovery and takes a leap of faith to go after her dreams. In the end, she achieves much more than the New York fairytale but also establishes a relationship with God, falls in Self-love and discovers her true purpose in life. The book is designed for all the wanderers, dreamers and every person who’s felt like their goals were so big it scared them and everyone else around them. It is for those who lack support from others and struggle daily to achieve their lifelong goals.

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Fletcher’s second non-fiction is entitled “From Passion to Purpose”. It reads as a sequel to her debut book but this time Fletcher focuses on how one can transform their emotional energy into tangible results. It gives a self-help account of how to summon the will power to do what you’re meant to do rather than only dreaming about it. It is a step-by-step guide towards success. By using her personal (struggles) stories of pursuing the life she’s always envisioned and the (painful) lessons she’s had to learn and continue to learn along the way, Fletcher depicts the process of how she went from what she liked to do, to discovering what she was meant to do…and so can you.


Words, Heartbreak & Poetry – A compilation of things a young woman felt but couldn’t say:

This body of work reads as the love letters once written but never sent. It is a collection of personal poems depicting many universal issues. Whether it was meant for a lost love or a loved one, there is always something ‘she’ left unsaid. She is me and she is you.



A YA novel about a girl named Kat who has to re-visit her past in order to make sense of her future. When Kat’s grandmother dies, she is forced to leave her busy life in the city, to return to her Caribbean roots for the funeral. Though this place is nothing like her present life, uncovering all the secret stories of her family’s past makes her feel as though she’s walking in someone else’s footsteps. The more Kat walks, the more she discovers who she is and who she’s meant to be but in so doing, her life is turned upside down.



Are you the friend in the group chat that makes all the grammatical errors? Or are you the one correcting them? A slightly humorous book about the common errors of the English language we so often make, hear, see or have to correct daily.