From the roots she came

Beautiful and rare

Amongst a garden of lives

But she was the late bloomer.


Always needing to surround herself with people

who saw her light,

It was how she bloomed.


But her mind was a budding flower,

Brutalized by adverse winds of everyone’s opinion.

It was hard being different


Not seasonal like the others,

She stood the test of time.

Unlike the seasons and people she knew,

She did not change, only grew.


 She was poetry you just couldn’t write.

A warrior’s mind with a poet’s heart.

A gentle beast,

Soft and strong,

Reminding me of mild flower scents. 


And even on her worst days,

You could find poetry in the knots of her hair,

And the colors of the skylines,

Reflected the hues of her skin. 


She was my flower child.

You would love her,

But just don’t pick her,

Because then she would die.



Unrequited love

Left me with scars early in life.

So I was convinced that love was supposed to hurt.


Then love made me fall for him but punished me for catching feelings.

I can still feel the bruises when my heart beats.


Again I found love but this time it stabbed me in the back


I was unable to fight back.


Third time’s the charm they always say

This time love came on a wooden stake

Puncturing straight through me,

Drawing almost all the blood and life from inside.


I tried to live without it

But it kept coming.

It seemed as though no matter which route I took,

Love was out to get me.


I finally gave up,

This was not for me,

Under love’s heavy burden did I sink.

Yet love sent me to bed every night hoping.


Love hurt so much it eventually made me stop believing in it altogether.

Defeated – The battle seemed to be over.


But, not the war

I looked up and saw love again.

Will I ever win?



My first love was an insignificant boy

When it should have been myself. 

It took a really long time

and much heartbreak later 

But I finally met my true love.

His name was self.


Self love, 

A strange phenomenon that I couldn’t quite comprehend.

Often times its us smiling faces with broken hearts 

who find it the hardest to comprehend.


But Self love was my true love

The one that taught me the most about life.

And from all that we’ve been through together, 

There’s one important lesson I’d like to share.


Learn to love yourself,

so that love will not be a stranger when it comes,

Oh, and it will come.